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    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    Ordered Silver WA7 on March 6th and received in home April 16th.  Haven't quit listening to it since.  For me, it's a great match for my Sennheiser HD800/s and HD580's with the HD650 replacement cord ($15) - takes the sharp edges from it and has brought in the instrumentals quite well...
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    A Tale of Two Tube Amps - The Woo Audio WA7 and ALO Audio PanAm

    Does it take the mini or standard USB connection?    Anyone found a difference in using any certain USB with the WA7?  I've been using an AudioQuest Forest USB ($35) with my other units but was curious whether going up the line would be beneficial with the Woo. WA7 should be here inside of a...
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    Anyone ordered the Grace M903

    Quote: Works well with the stereo/speaker system too.  Removed the Belles preamplifier and connected the M903 directly to the power amp.  System is Belles Reference 350A, 802N B&W speakers, Rel G1 Subwoofer, and Shanling CD100, MacBook Pro using I-Tunes or Apple TV, to provide a reference...