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  1. Gowla

    Reply to review by 'Gowla' on item 'Lindemann Musicbook Source V4'

    @dadracer2 Thank you, hope your safe and well. Yes I used high res pcm as well as the dsd streamed from Qobuz or played back from my computer over toslink. The app is better on IOS, but compared to the Matrix audio app however it's not as well polished or feature rich.
  2. Lindemann Musicbook Source V4

    Lindemann Musicbook Source V4

    The following descriptions have been sourced from Lindemann product page. The circuitry of the Musicbook SOURCE has been designed around the high-performance streaming platform and fine-tuned for optimum sound quality. In the digital-analog converter of the Musicbook SOURCE we use one of the...
  3. Gowla

    The discovery thread!

    Following some of my recent reviews on headfi and youtube, I thought I would make a little comparison video of different pricepoints for dac amp combo devices. Hopefully it is interesting or useful to someone :)
  4. Gowla

    Review by 'Gowla' on item 'Matrix Audio Element i'

    Preface Hi again, I would like to Thank Cao, Matrix Audio and Kevin from Signature Systems for giving me the opportunity to review the Element i. But before anything I want to mention something that took me aback. It’s easy to get caught up online and become detached, following Matrix Audio...
  5. Matrix Audio Element i

    Matrix Audio Element i

    Element i has a discrete component headphone amp with up to 1300mw of power, it can easily drive various high-resistance full-sized headphones and high-sensitive IEMs. The excellent dynamic performance and inaudible background noise, make you concentrate to the music. The device can be...
  6. Gowla

    Focal Elegia - what do you think?

    Hi, I just recently got my Focal Elegia and so released my first headphone review (video). I've put this into a written review on the Focal Elegia review section. But thought I would share my video to the main thread, in the hope I might get some feedback or perhaps even help somebody interested...
  7. Gowla

    Review by 'Gowla' on item 'Focal Elegia'

    Preface I would like to start by stating this is my first headphone review and I have just released a video review that hopefully complements my written review. But I understand not everyone will be interested in a video and instead want to see read one Summary For those you who want to see...