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  1. raif

    Reference SACD/CD/DAC/PRE for $3-5K? Does it exist?

    Having become obsessed with audiophilia once again, I feel it is time to upgrade my source. After looking at Wadia and McIntosh, the thought of having a SACD/Player that could double as an outboard DAC sounds awesome. Throw in digital volume control and basically I would have a replacement...
  2. raif

    Closed Headphones with a BIG soundstage?

    I am currently in the market for a pair of closed heaphones. I already own the westone es2, so I am covered on the isolation front. What I am looking for is a pair of headphones for work that will compliment(re. contrast) my iems. Basically I am looking for a analytical phone with a BIG...
  3. raif

    Getting Impressions, still unsure of what IEM

    DISCLAIMER: I am going to keep my trend of barely read threads going here, so if you have been following my past efforts, it will be more of the same.(i.e. requests for discourse vs. specific questions, non-sensational observations and realistic interpretations of audio quality improvements)...
  4. raif

    2G Nano Line out Quality

    The dang search engine isn't working. So... I recently bought the tomahawk, and I am feeding it with the line out of my 3g ipod(supposedly the best line out of stock ipods) How are the new nano's line out capabilities? If the differences are small enough, it is worth the change for...
  5. raif

    Sonic Impact T-amp Questions

    Has anyone had any problems with their portable amp blowing out a channel? I had one that I was using with a samlex 13.8v regulated supply.(3 amp continuous, 4 amp max) I was listening with the volume on the amp maxed out but never fed it too strong a signal. After blowing the right channel...
  6. raif

    We are all Dorks!!!

    So I finally get home after the most hellish week of work I have had in a while, I have a whole 4 day weekend ahead of me. So what do I do? Grab a beer, throw on my ps-1's and head to head-fi. Thank god for the other 300+ nerds who have also decided to spend their super "Friday" here online...
  7. raif

    Happy B-day redshifter

    This is my first birthday thread, so forgive me if I am reposting or breaking some rule. Either way, happy birthday to the one guy on any forum that has actually gotten me to laugh out loud while reading his posts. I couldn't find it in search, but the series of photos about the telephone...
  8. raif

    DVI questions, please help

    Ok you computer savvy people I have a question. I am buying a dvi-cable for my flat panel tft to hook it up to my computer. Does anyone know the specifics of what I want to buy. I own the radeon 9800 pro. I think I want the DVI-D cable. I think I also want dual link for higher resolutions...
  9. raif

    iTunes HELP!!

    I am running itunes on a mac, where I store all of my music. For some reason the sound will stop outputing through my m-audio transit after some specific amount of time if I have it set to 16/44.1. I have to reset the computer to get it working again. If I leave it at 24/96 there usually...
  10. raif

    PS-1 arrived!!!

    I just recieved my new ps-1 today via fedex.(overnight delivery!!) I can't reiterate enough how much I love these phones. I plan to do a full review on the sound but that won't be until after next weekend. Right now I am listening to them out of the headphone out of my d-25s through a...
  11. raif

    Final Verdict: PPA +CD3K = hisssssss(to some)

    First a notice. There were some power issues at the meet were morsel and I did testing of the amp. That really did not make a noticable difference untill the pot was turned to above 12 o'clock then got progressively louder. Also, it was more of a hum/buzz.(to me) At the levels that I listened...
  12. raif

    PPA + Closed Headphones = Hiss/Hum

    This is LONG, I am sorry. Ok, I bought a ppa. In all my closed headphones I can hear a noticable hum/hiss that sounds like if you are in the room and a pc is running. It is somewhat noticable in my v6's and annoying in my cd3ks. Both are completely overrun by the volume of the music, but I...
  13. raif

    Japanese People loved Rush in the 80s.

    So I am a big fan of video game music because I grew up playing nintendo and sega. I just bought Rush's Moving Pictures, and it is like they are playing a tribute to every NES game I have ever played. If anyone is into this type of music go out and buy this album.
  14. raif

    Crossfeed, good?

    Yes I searched, but it is mentioned in every other thread. I know what crossfeed does, but what are the views of people here about how it sounds. I don't like artificial sound "enhancers"(ie equalizers, bass boost). Is it of that nature, or does it really improve sound quality. Personally I...
  15. raif

    OutKast's new album

    Has anyone heard the new double album. It is pretty outta control. Dre and Big boi each have done solo efforts but rather than split up, they just produced a double disk. The disk really showcases each rappers talents and strengths and brings alot of light to the unique sound of outkast...
  16. raif

    I have 700 dollars(help me)

    Hey everybody. I used to post here all the time but after reading about a million posts on the Sony V6 I lost interest. However, I am now sitting on 700 bucks that needs to be blown on sound equipment. I was thinking about getting: AT ATH-A100Ti or the AT w100 because I loved closed...
  17. raif

    SBLive Owners only(getting rid of the hiss)

    I know its probably not good to admit to owning a SB live on these boards but I bought it a long time ago, I was young. Anyways excuses aside, I hate the horrible hiss that comes through my headphones anytime I turn them up above a whisper. Well I found a way around it. Plug in the headphone...
  18. raif

    Sennheiser 212 vs Sony v6

    Has anyone heard the 212 long enough to know how they sound compared to the v6 or 202. I read someone describing them based on their specs but I would like to hear from someone who has actually listened to them. I was going to buy the v6 but I am intruiged by closed sennheisers. My wants are...
  19. raif

    Columbia House and BMG

    Does anyone here know if cds from Columbia House or BMG are of any worse quality than if you bought them straight from a record store. I just spent a bunch of money on a good set of headphones and cd player, it would seem like a waste if it turned out my cd's (mostly from BMG) were all crap.