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  1. mbd2884

    The Closer

    Just wondering does anyone watch this show? I don't know anyone who does but I see commercials for it and well it's into a few seasons now. Trying to figure out why TNT keeps making this show. That woman's lips are nightmarish, gross....shiver... So anyone watch it? Currently watching...
  2. mbd2884

    The HD800 Pricing: Some thoughts

    I wonder about how to make the most profit with the HD800 for Sennheiser. How much do you all think it costs Sennheiser to manufacture the HD800? Now we know it's made of polymer. Granted seems good choice, very hard, durable, and almost not reverberations, good for sound. The drivers will...
  3. mbd2884

    I hope Aion kills World of Warcraft

    Who else plays? I played during Burning Crusade. Went from being completely new, to using a completely modified UI and all AddOns needed for raiding as either Holy or Shadow. Started with TK. Switched and hopped from guilds until I had cleared Kara up through Sunwell. I decided to quit...
  4. mbd2884

    Streaming Trance

    The best site I have found and the only site I will listen to awesome trance now is, well has been for the last five years. But it's gotten even better now! Digitally Imported - Addictive Electronic Music Digital Import I pay about $4 a month for 256 kbps streaming trance. And the...
  5. mbd2884

    92.9 Radio, Boston, MA

    It's a good station but got a laugh out of this one. "92.9, More Music, Less Commercials, Less Blah Blah" After a few songs. "92.9. More Music. Less Jonas Brothers." Next song they play Avril Lavigne.... AWESOME!
  6. mbd2884

    Simple yet fun rock bands

    List them. I find these bands sometimes the most fun bands to listen to. They are the bands who are not trying to fit into some genre, like Porcupine Tree being progressive, although very good . Not pompous like Radiohead. Or trying too hard to sell their music like U2. Just plain, simple...
  7. mbd2884

    Selling the Band Name... annoying

    I find it pretty annoying when a single band member uses the former band's name to sell. Very misleading. Top examples: Guns n Roses, but then I don't like Axel Rose anyways, arrogant sob. If all the original former members decided to leave because Axel is a dick, how is it still Guns n...
  8. mbd2884

    Improving Metallica Video

    I found this video a lot of fun to watch. A lot of you probably already seen it, but this video's approach to compression is hilarious . For those who haven't seen it, WB did not do this. It's that the Cliff Burnstein, co-manager of Metallica said Metallica Fans are loving the highly...
  9. mbd2884

    Media Monkey!

    I do not have the patience to deal with the older versions of Foobar. For those that do, my hats off to you. The newer version of Foobar, .9.6, well I am not the only one who no longer likes it. In comparison to Media Monkey/WinAmp setup, the cymbals sound sibilant and veiled on Foobar. But...
  10. mbd2884

    USB ASIO Support for External DACs

    Hey all, The Drivers from made a significant difference over the emulated ASIO4All drivers. I do not suggest using them if your USB DAC already has ASIO supported hardware drivers. This is for those who have to use ASIO4All becaue their USB DAC does not have ASIO drivers. The...
  11. mbd2884

    HD650 Foam Mod Survey

    Hey fellow HD650 users. Just curious how many of you remove foam from your headphones or just use them stock. Cheers! mbd2884
  12. mbd2884

    Video Reviews

    Hmm has anyone thought of doing this? Headphone video reviews, hosted on whatever site. Haha, I won't be doing one, but just thought about it today. Be pretty fun, if you love headphones. And no I don't mean like Patrick82 videos, that's creepy.
  13. mbd2884

    JR Music World Videos

    While I was browsing for my new headphones, I saw a video on their website for the HD650. So went to youtube and looked at others. It's hilarious. Whoever the dude is, pretty much repeats the marketing material. But for the HD650 he talk about the sound, bass, mids, and higher frequencies and...
  14. mbd2884

    Best Quad Cable?

    Just looking around for some input on Quad cables. I've read the reviews for Canare, Mogami, few others. What's the best quad cable for headphone cabling? Thanks!
  15. mbd2884

    Double thread post, delete!

  16. mbd2884

    Any other LIVE addicts?

    Ever since 1994, I heard LIVE on WBCN, this band has been my favorite, and they have never left that #1 ranking of favorite bands in over a decade. Some bands, you love for their sound and hope they don't lose it, and lose interest. Bush, first album, mmm, albums after, disappointment after...
  17. mbd2884

    Heard HeadRoom Phat Pipe Cables?

    Was wondering, I'm considering buying the DT880 headphones from HeadRoom. How is the phat pipe cable, cause I'm leaning towards not doing that and just buy myself a Furutech FP-704 and be done with it, like my AD900s.
  18. mbd2884

    DT880 - Boston?

    Anyone in the Boston area with the DT880 wanting to let some others hear their sound? I'm really curious about them, been on my list of cans to try for years now, but I don't want to purchase them to try em. Need new cans as I decided to get rid of the D2000
  19. mbd2884

    Burson Discrete OpAmp vs Audio-gd Discrete HDAM

    I've been asked by a manufacturing designer to not disclose publicly on the web. I have the answer to my question. All I will say, do not assume a higher price tag means it's better.
  20. mbd2884

    Sennheiser and Aluminum Voice Coil

    Why do they use aluminum voice coil? From what little I have read so far, Aluminum only recommended in speakers due only when you have high power source. If not its still recommended to use Copper. Basically what I read it doesn't make sense to use aluminum voice coils in headphones, and...
  21. mbd2884

    HD650, two versions, older is what year?

    So been reading there are two versions of the HD650 and the older having the warmer, better bass than the newer, which seems harder to distinguish from the HD600. What year is the older one from? Thanks
  22. mbd2884

    Hope to amaze my friend

    Well everyday on my way to work, I commute by train I get a chance to talk to a musician. He is a trumpet player and works in the orchestra/pit for musicals and what not in Boston and in a couple of jazz bands. We got talking about headphones and AMPs, telling him I just ordered the Compass...
  23. mbd2884

    Want to learn Amp Terminologies please

    Hello Head-Fiers, Allow me to pick your brains and help me understand some terminology and how they work. I tried googling some stuff, but I don't understand as I have no engineering or electrical background. So if you have patient can you explain some terminology for me? As I went...
  24. mbd2884

    Want to learn Amp Terminologies please

    Hello Head-Fiers, Allow me to pick your brains and help me understand some terminology and how they work. I tried googling some stuff, but I don't understand as I have no engineering or electrical background. So if you have patient can you explain some terminology for me? As I went...
  25. mbd2884

    Meier Audio Website: There is something wrong

    As title says, something wrong. It keeps redirecting to some lame T-mobile website. I hope they didn't get hacked.