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  1. reifler

    Amp vs EQ

    I agree that my source needs upgrading. Turtle beach looks good, but what about the new Audigy sound cards? Is the turtle more powerful? It says right on the site that it's internal amp is low noise, but I don't know about the new live card. Anyone?
  2. reifler

    Amp vs EQ

    I just bought the beyerdynamic DT250-80 headphones from headroom and I am LOVING them. (I'll write a review sometime) However, I know I am probably not hearing what they are capable of. I work a whole lot on my computer, and I have an SB live! Sound card. I was trying out some audio plugins to...
  3. reifler

    what is the best full sized headphone than can be run with a portable cd player?

    After *much* study, reviews, and penny scraping (I sold my home stereo system also) I went with the beyerdynamic DT250-80 headphones. With 80ohms, they are wayyy easier to drive then the DT-831. I want to get a total airhead amp, but the cash is not there, yet. However, they get nice and loud...
  4. reifler

    Senn HD250 II OR Beyer DT250-80?

    I've got my headphone choices narrowed down to either the Sennheiser HD250 IIs or the Beyerdynamic DT250-80s... I'm unclear which headphone is clearer, though I know both are great on the bass. I know the HD250 IIs have an Impedance of 300, while the dt250-80s have 80... I'm getting a...