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  1. burnspbesq

    Tube Newb Has a Question

    If I swap the stock JJ Electronics 12AU7 in my brand-new RSA Raptor for a Mullard, what changes should I expect in the sonic signature?
  2. burnspbesq

    Manley Stingray as Headphone Amp?

    Has anyone out there had an opportunity for extended headphone listening on the new-generation Stingray? If yes, would love to hear your impressions. I'm looking for an amp that will be used in my desktop system. Source is mostly high-res files (downloads and vinyl rips) residing on a...
  3. burnspbesq

    Amarra First Impressions

    After reading about this software package in a review of the Ayre QB-9, I downloaded and installed the demo version on Friday night. My desktop rig is not half bad: iTunes running on a MacBook Pro (Snow Leopard), feeding digital signal out via a Kimber Kable USB cable to a Benchmark DAC-1 USB...