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  1. EpicPie

    Pioneer HRM-7 Studio Monitor Headphones Discussion

    Can't wait to try these out, for a $200 headphone I wonder how they will compare w/ other studio headphones like the Q701/702. :) -EP Specs from Pioneer:   Source:
  2. EpicPie

    Review: DUNU Hawkeye(DN-18)[v1]

    [Click any of the images for a higher resolution] Packaging & Accessories: The packaging is constructed of cardboard.  Two magnets hold the lid closed giving the box a clean look when you slide it out of it's sheath. Inside the box are the earphones, carrying case, and the neatly...
  3. EpicPie

    Who's ready to party with EpicPie (Cali Only)

    Hey guise, I would like to invite all my fellow Head-Fi members to attend my next gig coming up this month on June 30th. This is a free day party (Summer of Love 3) that will continue on until the start of Stereo Love 4 (Not free). Admission to the day party is free from 12PM - 9PM, ages 18+...
  4. EpicPie

    Earbud covers?

    Been interested lately in picking up some earbud covers to see if sound would improve on my 9w pro studio's and to add some sound isolation. I saw some that looked like they help channel the audio into your ear canal. If anyone else has done this, care to point me in the right direction of what...
  5. EpicPie

    Help with IEM purchase.

    Tempted to buy a pair of refurbed Monster Turbine's for $50 bucks. Should I pull the trigger and go for it or is there a better $50 dollar IEM that would blow these away? Music preferences: Vocal Trance, Hardstyle, UK Hardcore, Electro House,  Dubstep, EDM in general. - EpicPie
  6. EpicPie

    Review: SOL Republic - Tracks

    Quick thanks to SOL Republic for this review sample.   [Click any of the images you see in this review for a higher resolution image] Packaging: Well organized and detailed information on the package, the box also has a clear plastic window to preview the product inside the package so you...
  7. EpicPie

    Review: GoVibe Mini Box Amp

    Would love to thank Wilson over at Jaben. :) If any of you wish to see larger resolution pictures(3648 x 2736), shoot me a PM. The picture in my review are scaled down for the review. Click the images to see them in 640 x 480. Packaging Straight forward, features and information on the...
  8. EpicPie


    This mix was created using song suggestions friends made on Facebook. Tried my best to work with it, not sure on this mix though as I usually find tracks generally in the same key before I mix them. Anyways, enjoy. Download...
  9. EpicPie

    Help me win

    A pair of cans. :D Would greatly appreciate it if you guise could like this for meh.
  10. EpicPie

    DT 770 Pro vs Premium

    What are the differences between the two or is it just aesthetics?
  11. EpicPie

    Uneven bass on my A700's

    So I noticed on my ATH A700's that the sound was uneven, the left side of the headphones have a punchier bass than the right side. The right side has very weak bass. Could I have possibly blown one of the drivers from doing pink-noise burn in? When I do the pink-noise burn in I leave the...
  12. EpicPie

    Bass Disposal

    New mix. If you like my work, please go like my Facebook fan page to show your appreciation and to keep me motivated to release new mixes more often. DJ Vent Name: Bass Disposal Genre: Dubstep Length: 11:00 Size...
  13. EpicPie

    How to improve ATH A700's?

    Recently got my A700's and they are disappointing me in terms of how dull the mids and highs sound. The mids and highs sounded way better in my AKG K81 headphones with velour pads on them. When im listening to Vocal Trance the female and male vocals sound flat. Anything I can do to increase the...
  14. EpicPie

    Beats Studio's are rebrands?

    After checking out my friends Shure SRH240's he recently bought and realizing how similar they looked to the Beats Studio, it makes me think the Beats Studio headphones are rebrands of the Shure's but with a slight redesign. I further looked into this and looked at both technical specs side to...
  15. EpicPie


    Recently sold some stuff and I have about $100 to spend, ultimately I decided that I should buy another pair of headphones as a step-up from my current headphones; TekNmotion Pulsewave 2 (gaming headphones) and my modded Senn HD 201's. Could any of you give me good suggestions? I mainly listen...
  16. EpicPie

    Different earpads for HD 201's?

    Ive been interested for a wihle to get some different more cushiony earpads for my HD 201's. Before I ever signed up on head-fi I  remember lurking and saw some mods dones to the HD 201's with earpads that had a purple-ish fluffy look. Dunno how else to explain this so anyone on here want to...
  17. EpicPie

    HD 201 Mod.

    I figured this would be an appropriate place to make this thread. :P Had some extra carbon fiber vinyl laying around, decided to mod my HD 201's until I have enough money to afford a better set of headphones but for now i'll have to make the best of these. I also blutac modded them since the...