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  1. Theo Sudarja

    Samson sr-850

    If you have DSD, DSF, SACD collections; you might have to buy those dedicated player / amp integrated.
  2. Theo Sudarja

    Song that sounds good on samson sr-850

    SR850 has a very bright High.   I found mainstream POP music (which often emphasize high and low), electronic percussion, or thin sounded recording, SR850 will render the sound too much sibilance.
  3. Theo Sudarja

    Samson SR850 (Superlux OEM) Review: A $50 Budget Champion.

    Thanks for the review. I've bought it in the past month, and enjoying it every single day.
  4. Theo Sudarja

    Flat Frequency Response: Samson SR850 vs Roland RH-200

    Sorry can't help.   I also curious about Roland. But I haven't seen much Roland around where I'm living. My SR850 doesn't sound flat though. But I can't say more if I can't compare..
  5. Theo Sudarja

    Samson SR850/Sueprlux HD688B, but with a bit more bass?

    There is a lot Headphones that emphasise on bass. Almost every mainstream headphones designed that way.   Btw SR850 driver is one of the biggest driver available in the market (a 50mm diameter unit). It should have the potential to throw bigger bass easily. Bigger driver are usually designed...
  6. Theo Sudarja

    Samson SR850 VS AKG K 240

    You have to start writing some SR850 review here.
  7. Theo Sudarja

    Audio Technica AD900X or Samson SR850

    Hei. So how it's compared?
  8. Theo Sudarja

    Superlux 681/668B / Samson SR 850 PADS Issue

    You have to try the plunger mod. The perfect round and soft shell help to absorb unwanted reverb!     Naah. Just kidding  
  9. Theo Sudarja

    Samson SR850 with pleather vs velour earpads

    I've got the velour one. Lucky you, you've got the better sounded ones.
  10. Theo Sudarja

    Recable a Samson SR850 / Superlux 668B

    I've read your reference.   Is there another tutorial available? If not, you can start one.
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