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  1. yxmees

    Hifiman RE-800

    Which comply tips fit RE-800S, the T200?
  2. yxmees

    2017 MUNICH HighEnd...

    Does anyone know, are there gonna be a selection of IEM's on display to listen?
  3. yxmees

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Not sure if this is the right thread, but I'll ask anyway. Is it possible to repair the damage like this? Can I somehow remove the black plastic back without breaking it? UE said this can't be fixed and they dont make these any more anyway.
  4. yxmees

    Best ear tips for Triple Fi.10?

    Do all comply foam tips fit
  5. yxmees

    Review by 'yxmees' on item 'Colorfly Pocket Hi-fi C4'

    Bought it some time ago, based on user reviews. Straight out of the box it seemed huge, especially compared to my old Cowon D2. Also, sound was awful. Granted, I don't have large hi-fi cans, only IEM's, AL iM716 and now I bought UE pro-s. So, I let the player burn in. For 3 weeks...
  6. yxmees

    cheap site for headphones

    Hello. I discovered a site in Hongkong, which sells top quality headphones suspiciously cheap. I wonder if anyone has bought from there or dares to do so. Site URL is
  7. yxmees

    Earbud/IEM for D2 (Unamped) and <$300?

    er4p start from 180$ on ebay..also are sometimes sold around 280$ so you could go straight for the top. UM2 sound worse than either abovementioned.
  8. yxmees

    Help me pick an entry level IEM

    im716. They are somewhat microphonic and cord gets dirty but you can clean that. Depodded and with shure black olive tips they sound heavenly. Especially for that price.
  9. yxmees

    Replacement for Ety 6i's

    iM716 is a bit better, with a better bass, but cost even less than ER6i Edit: Oops, didn't notice that I have already posted here..But the idea stays same.
  10. yxmees

    Replacement for Ety 6i's

    If you have listened to er6i, then other than ER4P or atleast iM716 will be a disappointment, because others can't provide those crisp clear highs. Maybe pro-s, but those are 300+$. But I don't know your sound preferences, are you a basshead or do you prefer allaround clear sound...
  11. yxmees

    new im716s

    I just got my new pair and with pod they don't sound half as good as without it, so I suggest it to everyone.
  12. yxmees

    Sub $100 iems reccomendations

    Podectomize iM716, put 40 ohm or so resistors between and you will love them. ER6i are not that good, I have owned them.
  13. yxmees

    Sub $100 iems reccomendations

    Apparently none of you have heard Altec-Lansing iM716. Since that sale on newegg it has got tons of praising threads, people say it's better than Shure 5 series and come close to and I also concur that. It may lack bass a bit, but if you want IEMs that sound good full range, you must...
  14. yxmees

    My E4Ps just broke, looking for new IEM

    iM716 are sold for 49$ now on ebay, so go for these.
  15. yxmees

    Will IEMs stay in my ears?

    Earbuds and IEMs are 2 very different types. Earbuds should go into those cavities ears have before earcanals. Unfortunately many people don't have those, hence your problem. IEMs go into your earcanal, all people have those, so the only question is the diameter of your earcanal, which tips fit...
  16. yxmees

    Crossroads Mylar Three, sound?

    Received mine couple of days ago. I want to wait until my foam tips arrive and phones burn in for about 100 hours before giving a final verdict, but they sound pretty good for 57$ IEM's. BTW, anyone know if that CR-02 Portable Amp they sell on is any good?
  17. yxmees

    To search or not to search....

    Its not hard to search, but its definitely harder to go through dozens of threads and hundreds or even thousands of posts.
  18. yxmees

    Crossroads Mylar Three, sound?

    Could I use some other eartips, for example Shure black foamies? Please measure if they could fit
  19. yxmees

    diameter of sleeves

    I hate you
  20. yxmees

    diameter of sleeves

    come on guys, is it really that hard to take a ruler and spend 1 minute to help a fellow headfier out here?
  21. yxmees

    <$150 IEM for commuting

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bigburger What are the microphonics like on the iM716? Would it be suitable for gym use? How does its microphonics compare to the ER6i and d-JAYS? (the other two models I am looking at). Would be great if someone could compare the SQ of the three models...
  22. yxmees

    Upgrade to UE-5C from Westone UM2?

    How about you wait a little, get 10 pro-s for 399$ and make custom molds for 100$? Or you could buy them now for 549$ from ebay.
  23. yxmees

    tips for im716

    Are Shure softflexies like the foamies that came with iM716 phones? Cuz those are the only ones that have been comfortable in my ears and make a good seal. Or does anyone know where to get original AL foamies from Europe?
  24. yxmees

    UE-5c vs. UE-10

    when they arrive, let us know whether you like them or are disappointed.
  25. yxmees

    UE-5c vs. UE-10

    UE is gonna start selling 10 pro for 399$ soon. Whats the deal, why the hell would anyone pay 900$ if you could get the same inears for 400$+100$ for molds?