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  1. jackstack10

    best 100$ ish IEM

    Looking for some IEMs, they will be used for travel, workout, and at school. I listen to a lot of rap, metal, and some alternative, decent bass is preferable but balanced is good. Recs?
  2. jackstack10

    Help me find velour earpads for my M4U1

    I just ordered the shure hp aec940 velour earpads for the psb m4u1, and they are way too big unfortunately as they are very comfortable compared to my leather stock ones.  Can anyone help me find a good pair that won't take away too much bass.  Please help!
  3. jackstack10

    New to Audio, looking for headphones around 300

    Hi,  I've never really been an audiophile, but I do notice sound quality somewhat.  I think I may look into some headphones and a soundcard or some other hardware to improve my sound quality.  I play a lot of games, listen to a lot of music, and do watch some videos, so I'm looking for...