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  1. purplestallion

    Looking for something very specific....and not finding it.

    Thanks for the suggestions.  I was not aware of the PFE series but I'll be taking a look.  Does anyone feel strongly about the Shure SE215 with the added iPhone cable?  They look a little big but it's always hard to tell how they'll fit in your ears.   And vocalist, I actually do use them...
  2. purplestallion

    Where's the cheapest trustworthy place to buy Shure earphones?

    Actually, it looks as if it matters if the reseller is authorized only for Shure's SE. The place of purchase doesn't matter for Shure's other products. Shure - Warranty and Product Registration
  3. purplestallion

    E4c cord is breaking. need help

    I'm having this problem with my e3c's. They are out of warranty by at least a year now so I doubt Shure will help me out for free and the flat fee service is $79. May as well buy new ones. How hard would it be to cut and re-solder my old ones? I'd like some new ones as well, but I'd like to be...
  4. purplestallion

    AKG K701 new packaging style

    Quote: Originally Posted by Senad Asr, I am with you. I wish they would make a black version for the rest of us [not smitten by Apple]. I'm actually thinking about picking these up but not because I'm smitten with Apple. I think they'd look great (as well as sound great, no one's...