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  1. MuZI

    Trying to find the name of a song... no luck!

    I heard a song in the gym twice but I just can't find it on google using the few lyrics I remember. It has a female voice and male voice. The few lyrics I remember are "I 'll never love again... I tried... I tried... when i see that look in your's not so simple" It seemed...
  2. MuZI

    Need help remembering name of band/song...

    Hey guys... I need help finding the name of a song/band. I remember the name was something like Iron Dreamer... Iron Head... Metal Head? It was a metal band and I remember the cover art had a head on it that was made out of iron. I know it sounds weird but I can't remember the name at all... any...
  3. MuZI


    So recently I just bought a D40 and have started taking pictures. Who else here is into photography and what type of gear do you use?
  4. MuZI

    Advice on getting a education loan?

    My brother is going to be starting college in the fall and unfortunately he is going to need to get a loan. The lazy arse didn't fill out his FAFSA. Any tips on what I should watch out for and what I should look for?
  5. MuZI

    Some paypal help...

    So my brother wants to sell his WoW account and does so through my pp account. A guy pays him $700 through my paypal account. I check out his username on google and it turns out he has some really bad feedback. The money he had sent me is now pending into my bank account but I freaked out and...
  6. MuZI

    Would this situation be considered an unfair advantage?
  7. MuZI

    Best think to use on leather seats?

    My dad has a car with leather seats and I was wondering what the best wipe/spray is for leather seats? I guess he wants to make the leather look better and also use something that will protect them from the sun. Think = Thing
  8. MuZI

    Learning to play guitar?

    I've been thinking about learning to play the guitar but I'm wondering where to start? Is it easy to pick up and is there any chance I can just learn by a book or a video?
  9. MuZI

    Help with physics please?

    Here is a homework problem that seems to have me stumped, any help? "In Young’s double-slit experiment, suppose that the slit separation is precisely equal to the wave length of the light used. In this case, the interference pattern on the screen would be a) pattern of bright and dark...
  10. MuZI

    Help looking for a photograph...

    I remember a while back someone posted a photograph of a homeless person outside of a department store or clothing store in this section... anyone have a link to it?
  11. MuZI

    Need some advice...

    I need some advice on an issue so hopefully you guys can help me out. About 2 years ago my friend started up some business (at that time we were both 16-17) and I did some work for him. Me and 3 other people made a website, had access to the hosting, and created graphics for him for which we got...
  12. MuZI

    Who wants to follow my diet/excercise?

    Lately I've been a bit bored with lifting and excercising. I'm wondering if the Head-Fi community would be interested in me making a topic here where I could post my daily routine/diet. I know there are lifting/bodybuilding forums out there I can do this on but I'm wondering if a different...
  13. MuZI

    New Macbook!

    It looks simply amazing. Especially now that they have fixed that P/S adapter issue! I haven't been up to date with technology so how are the new intel chips in the apples?
  14. MuZI


    About 15 minutes ago my father walked in the door and told my sister to come outside and see something cool, so I go outside and see the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Wavy lights and of that sort, I'm most certain it was an aurora but I thought they mostly occured around the northern...
  15. MuZI

    So what now...

    So I know what I want in life, I just can't imagine it... So here is my rant, I hope no one takes offence to me posting this but here goes. Ever since a little kid I've always wanted to make something out of myself and for a reason. I've always imagined myself being able to do anything...
  16. MuZI


    Well for the past 2 months i've been using a MAC and it is pure bliss, i gave me brother the PC. All was good, i didn't need to run spybot/anti virus every damn 5 minutes and install the latest patch. Now i'm on the PC again and this box probably contains every Virus/Spyware/Sexually...
  17. MuZI

    Help picking a amp for HD600

    Well i just decided to go ahead and order some HD600 and i got a NAD C541 off of ebay. Now i just need a amp. 1.) $250 budget left. 2.)Also can i use it with my MS1's?
  18. MuZI

    Help picking a source..

    Out of these which one would be the best choice and what price? - NAD C520 - NAD C521 - NAD C540 - NAD C541 - NAD C521BEE - Marantaz CD5000 - Marantaz CD5000P
  19. MuZI

    Any classes or workshops?

    I was wondering how i can get started in DIY amp making. Is there a class i can take to learn how to read schematics and learn how to solder and stuff? I don't want to get a degree in it or anything, just somthing as a hobby. Suggestions?
  20. MuZI

    Pen information?

    Currently i've started using a cross pen rather than a cheap old office max one and i love how my writing has improved. I remember there was a topic on pens before, does anyone have links to information/forums they can post?
  21. MuZI

    Another ebay antic...
  22. MuZI

    HD 465 and 485 worth it?

    A friend of mine is planning on buying one of the new Sennheiser HD 465 and 485 for his girlfriend. She listens to "queen, metallica, led zeppelin, jimi, also jumpy type of music and the beatles as well...some old school rap also" "vocal reproducation is a high priority" She loves his HD...
  23. MuZI

    Headroom Bithead

    I can get a 4-6 month old Bithead from a friend for about $100 shipped, should i do it? I currently have MS 1's.
  24. MuZI

    MS2 Fatboy?

    What is everyone talking about? I`ve been gone for a month or 2 and there is all this talk about 325i and MS2i or something? Pics?
  25. MuZI

    These are RS 2?