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  1. southpark2033

    ATH-M50s revived my love of hi-fi audio. Now I want an affordable, portable amp for ALAC.

    I just listened to Radiohead's Kid A over these without even breaking them in using my Native Instruments sound card. Boy was that a pleasure.   I used to have a crappy headphone amp I'd route out of an iPod Classic (using the iPod's DAC) to some Denon AH-D2000s. This sounded pretty bad...
  2. southpark2033

    I need advice! I've owned: DT990, AKG K701, tried: DT880, WTB: HD600 or 650

    Hello I need some advice based on your experiences witth this gear: My Setup: I am using an iPod Classic 160GB with Apple Lossless files (Converted from FLAC) I purchased a Prelude Audio portable amp (runs on two 9V) I run the iPod through the mini stereo jack into the amp, then to my...