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  1. EpicPie

    Reply to review by 'epicpie' on item 'Miu Audio MRA DIY Headphone Amplifier'

    Fantastic review, love how in-depth you got! Cheers
  2. EpicPie

    Reply to review by 'epicpie' on item 'Matrix Mini-I Pro'

    Great review. I really like the output features on the Matrix, looks like it could be used as a basic audio interface with the 1 XLR input. :P
  3. EpicPie

    Reply to review by 'epicpie' on item 'Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6'

    Not sure if it's noted in the review, but it should be noted that the earpads diameter is a bit small. The headphone is on-ear for people with bigger ears instead of over-ear if you have smaller ears.
  4. EpicPie

    Reply to review by 'epicpie' on item 'VOXOA HD Wireless Headphones'

    Great in-depth review. The product's shape reminded me a lot of the Pioneer HDJ2000, minus the over-ear part.
  5. SOL Republic Tracks

    SOL Republic Tracks

    Tracks are the first interchangeable on-ear headphones featuring V8 Sound Engine™ speakers, switchable cables and “Sound Track” headbands. SOL REPUBLIC engineers developed a proprietary new polymer called FlexTech,™ which makes them virtually indestructible. For total comfort, the team designed...
  6. EpicPie

    Review by 'EpicPie' on item 'Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones'

    Great headphones, after doing a few mods to them they sound incredible!  
  7. EpicPie

    Review by 'EpicPie' on item 'AKG K81DJ Akg Closed-Back Folding Dj Headphone'

    Edit (7/25/11): Came with a pleather carrying case which is nice. Great entry level DJ'ing headphones. Uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time, after about an hour you'll start to feel discomfort from the pressure the headphones put on your ears. Stretching the headphones by putter...