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  1. ramzes235

    sennheiser hd-25 2 vs hifi 580 vs beyerdynamic dt 770

    voila i was thinking of buying the pro 900 but i go on holiday with my girlfriend and now i need to save money so i'm thinking of buying one of this headphone but the choice is to difficult ... music genre hip-hop/dubstep ,ROCK (a little classic) i have read a lot of threads but can find...
  2. ramzes235

    is one of this headphone a good complment to the akg k701?

    hello verybody i'm looking for a hp that can complement my akg k701  i was thinking about this headphones  sennheiser 650/600? shure 940 ?  or beyerdynamic dt 880 ?  is there one of this headphone that will complment my akg k701 well ? budget 400/450 euro MAX for the HP   thanx...
  3. ramzes235

    people from belgium ? :D

    i think that title is clear :D   ( i searched if there were such thread but i don't find one ) 
  4. ramzes235

    jvc AX-E77 know something ?

    hello everybody i have an amp(old)  from the brand jvc , the model is the AX-E77 , does someone know something about this one ?  i search on the internet but i found nothing about this model ...  thanx a lot :) if you need a picture i can take one ;)      thanx to everybody :)   ( i...