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  1. Erico9001

    After 3 years, anything come out to contest Superlux HD668B around the <60$ range?

    The Superlux HD668B's were pretty famous around here 3 years ago for being such low price for such high quality, and they still are ... 38$ for something that puts most headphones to shame. I bought them at that time and fell in love. I've spread that love too - buying them for my girlfriend and...
  2. Erico9001

    New amp needed for Superlux Hd668B?

    Having recently moved into the world of high quality sound, I could use some clarification on some few details. I want to make sure that I am using the 668B's at or near their true potential with the Fiio E5 amp that I am using.   So amps – there use... From what I understand it is that high...