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  1. cetoole

    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    Just thought I would post a quick pic of the reason I am still up tonight. Just having real trouble turning Opeth's Deliverance CD off. Had a bit of trouble with way too much gain and getting the volume knob too high with my KSC75's earlier tonight, and even with my HD580s, I cant even make it a...
  2. cetoole

    Tips for my Shure E4

    I really enjoy my Shure E4 IEMs, and use them for extended periods of time (6 hours so far today, and 3 more to go until my next class). The only problem I have is with the tips, which wear out. The absolute favorite of mine so far were these kind of tapered orange foamies, completely different...
  3. cetoole

    Comments for my PCM2702 DAC layout?

    When I missed the 1st round of Alien DAC boards, I decided to do my own board layout to best suit what I wanted. The following is what I came up with. It measures 50x26mm, and for the most part, I just copied the schematic used by the Alien DAC, dropping the BUF634 section, as I only plan to...
  4. cetoole

    Portable Amp In a DN1 (discrete buffers too)

    Been working on this board for a while, and just got it to the point where I am happy with the layout. This is a continuation of my other project, but different enough that I felt it warrented a new thread. It is now 3 identical channels (except for gain of course), all using a single...
  5. cetoole

    What issues exist with a class B ground channel?

    I am looking at different methods for the virtual ground for a portable amp I am working on. I was thinking maybe a dual opamp, something simple like the AD8620 or OPA2132u, with an arrangement similar to that of the pint, half of it buffering a resistive divider for the small currents, and...
  6. cetoole

    Can you guys check a couple discrete buffer schematics for me?

    I kinda caught the discrete buffer bug I think, and would like to experiment with some, but as I am very new to this, I would really appreciate some commentary on the schematics/layouts. All are made to be drop in compatible with the BUF634P pinouts, mainly for use in amps like the Pimeta. Two...
  7. cetoole

    How do I identify wire as silver or not?

    I got this rather larger spool of 500' of 26awg teflon coated (white) stranded wire off ebay a while back, and just assumed that since I got it for $5, that it was probably SPC. Well, a couple weeks ago, I took a look again, and couldnt see the copper at the ends of the wires where it had been...
  8. cetoole

    Happy Birthday Mr. Slacker

    Happy birthday, wish you a good one. Of course, I forgot until you reminded me just now.
  9. cetoole

    New SMD take on the Mint, redesigned PCB

    Well, my friend Eric (cire), and I both love the Mint design, but there are a few things that we have been wanting to be slightly different, a more compact board done in almost all SMD, one that would fit perfectly across the front of the smallest hammond, and leave room for one to stuff 8xAAA...
  10. cetoole

    Pimeta distortion question

    My pimeta has been working great for a while, but if I leave it on for a couple days, the sound all of a sudden becomes very distorted. Turning the amp off and on fixes this problem, but I am cureous as to what could be causing it. Power is a 24v linear regulated Elpac wallwart, WM080, so it...
  11. cetoole

    What is the best type of input connectors for PPA

    I am thinking of building a basic PPA amp as my next project, which will be powering HD580s and using a computer as a source, but I don't know what kind of inputs to use with it. I will also be connecting portable players at times, so I would like some advice, should I use RCAs, 1/4", or 1/8"...