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  1. buddymydog

    Bluetooth speakers

    It seems there has been a rise of bluetooth speaker popularity. i was wondering if headfiers out here have any thoughts of which bluetooth speakers sound the best/ have the best features etc. i am interested possibly in the soundfreaq kick....i like its features and my son has one so ive...
  2. buddymydog

    Senn HD-650 amp question

    So I won a Senn HD-650 on Ebay.....woot woot   I've been curious about hearing one for about a year and I keep coming back to it so I pulled the trigger and hopefully its a great deal at $305.  My question is, I am planning on buying a Little Dot MKii headphone amp, and I am using a Sansa...
  3. buddymydog

    Headphone help

    Looking for: some bass slam with good quality and quantity, forward mids, sparkly treble, good detail, big soundstage, good attack, quick....full size, open for $400 or under (gonna get an amp later)..... I don't want a slow headphone Also if you have a suggestion, feel free to suggest a...
  4. buddymydog

    Custom vs non custom

    I have narrowed my potential choice of custom phones to the Westone es3x, (after much reading and reading and reading and my budget). but I am curious am I gonna get "better" sound with the custom as opposed to just getting a sennheiser ie8 non custom, or even having molds made for the ie8 ear...
  5. buddymydog

    shure se530 vs westone 3

    I would love to hear any experience/:comparisons between the two.
  6. buddymydog

    Full size cans with an amp or canalphones without

    I am considering a full size can for my sansa media player, I am also going to purchase an amp, I have started using lossless files. I am considering either an akg k701 or a denon ah d5000 My amp choice so far may be a headroom micro amp, ray samuels hornet or even possibly a Pico portable. I...