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  1. raif

    Official 2014 Bay Area Meet - SUNDAY - Feb 16th, 2014

    Hey Guys, I am defaulting people to a 1/2 table unless there is a special request for the full table.     Quote:   bring that gear!     We have 28 tables so I think we will probably be good.  :)  That being said, I'll keep you undecided for the time being, just in case.    
  2. raif

    Official 2014 Bay Area Meet - SUNDAY - Feb 16th, 2014

    Due to some family circumstances, I will unfortunately not be able to attend this year's meet. Thread ownership has been transferred to everyone's favorite meet Bay Area organizer, CEE TEE!   I will miss being able to chat with everyone but hopefully I will see you guys next year. :)
  3. raif

    IC: Feb 2014 Bay Area Meet

    Hey everyone,   I had a blast last February at the bay area meet and I wanted to start a thread to gauge interest for another meet on the weekend of the 15-16th of Feb. 2014.  February is usually a dreary, uneventful month so it would be cool to have something to look forward to.   There is...
  4. raif

    2013 SF Bay Area (Changfest?) Meet Impressions Thread

    Great meet, it was lots of fun talking to everyone.   I went into the meet with the intention of selling my stax rig, however the EC Electra has made me fall back in love with the SR007.
  5. raif

    SF Bay Area Meet on Sunday February 17, 2013 (the one which is really going to happen)

    It is pretty cool that the meet could generate this much interest in so little time.
  6. raif

    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Quote:   I think the LCD-3 is probably a bad comparison.  If I recall correctly there was a huge negative response to its price amongst most in the community so it probably isn't a very good scientific control.     Most headphones used to have a more sane relationship between their...
  7. raif

    Mini-Review: Audeze LCD-3 (vs LCD-2 r2, SR-007, et al)

    "Rolled off" usually is meant that at a certain frequency(within the audible range) the response starts to drop in amplitude and continues downward.  An example is the lows in the AKG-701, they start to roll off around 50ish hz.   The LCD-3 keep upper frequency response throughout the...
  8. raif

    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

      Quote:     After my personal experience with the W3000ANV I am really hoping this isn't another situation where a nice pair of cups are the major design goal.          
  9. raif

    'Best" Grado HP-1000 amp

    The best I have ever heard the Grados was through any clean SS amp.(low output impedance, sufficient driving power, etc.)   Now don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a burly tube amp as much as the next guy but Grado's really don't require much in the amplification department so if you are...
  10. raif

    LCD-2 vs. HD800 - Soundstage: Centering?

    This is funny, I actually had the exact opposite problem.  For me the vocals on the hd800 always sounded a little to the left instead of centered and I figured it was because of the superior soundstage that I could actually hear the difference.
  11. raif

    New Flagship from Audio-Technica: ATH-W3000ANV, 50th Anniversary Headphones

    From what people have been saying, if you push in the crossbars right at or above the "right" and "left" casings inwards and a bit down, it helps what problems you are having.
  12. raif

    New Flagship from Audio-Technica: ATH-W3000ANV, 50th Anniversary Headphones

    Ok mini-review time,   Got the AT in yesterday.   Right now is my biggest complaint is the fit. Second: Microphonic cord Third: Not crying over how beautiful these things are every time I look at them.   The sound?  In a word: immediacy.   Personally, I have always craved a...
  13. raif

    New Flagship from Audio-Technica: ATH-W3000ANV, 50th Anniversary Headphones

    Thanks for the congrats all.  My wife is definitely doing a lot more in the baby department but the headphones are all me. :)
  14. raif

    New Flagship from Audio-Technica: ATH-W3000ANV, 50th Anniversary Headphones

    Gratuitous back story warning!     I got into this head-fi thing right in 2002 as a poor college student.  I remember lusting after the w2002 right from day one.  Years later when I could finally afford them(and after being disappointed by the leatherhead nonsense, sorry fans) they had...
  15. raif

    Help! Noise developed in One Channel of Buffalo32s

    I had a Buffalo32s(v 1.0) that has been working great for years. Recently it developed a low level scratching/static noise in the right channel. This was built for me awhile back by a trusted, experienced builder but he did it as an outright favor to me and I would rather try and address this...
  16. raif

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Thanks!   To be honest, I am not sure where the company I work for bought the desk from.  If I had to guess, I would say Staples.
  17. raif

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    My office setup: TwistedPear Buffalo32s W4S Icepower Amp(since replaced with the Headroom Stereo Amp) Spendor S3/5R Monitors Onix UFW-10 Subwoofer   The picture really shows the differences in the wood but in person, they actually look very similar.
  18. raif

    Nearfield Studio Active Speakers Recommendations

    Quote: Man, I ordered a pair of these from guitar center a few weeks back and they keep pushing the stock date.
  19. raif

    HD 650: Tight bass and fast enough attack speed for dark psytrance??

    Wow that first track was a total nostalgia trip.  It felt like I was in the basement playing FFVII again.   J-E-N-O-V-A!!!   The HD650 is plenty fast enough to handle the music but if you are into high treble energy, you might need to look elsewhere.   BTW, listening to the tracks on...
  20. raif

    Best (currently available) closed cans?

    This probably isn't the best "advice" but I I have been on this site for almost 10 years and have consistently been looking for the "best" closed headphone.  If you end up looking elsewhere, I would like to buy your Denons.     Not saying your tastes mirror mine but I have tried and passed...
  21. raif

    Sennheiser HD800 Have your say

    As far as producing an "audiophile" sound, the hd800 dethroned all other contenders for me. I am actually in the process of unloading some gear inventory to budget for them. I must admit that I haven't given the jh13s a proper listen due mostly to the fact that I already own a pair of custom...
  22. raif

    NorCal 8/8/09 meet impressions

    I was curious if anyone got a chance to listen to the hd800 out of the gigantasaur custom amp in the bottlehead section? What were your thoughts? Either way it was great seeing everyone again. I definitely spent more time talking than I did listening but I did get a chance to hear most of the...
  23. raif

    List your Grado order of preference

    Quote: Originally Posted by pcf Hi Raif, Let's say it's not new-toy syndrome and HP-2 is really that good, when would you put PS 1000? -Paul I haven't had a chance to hear the ps-1000 yet, so I unfortunately can't answer this. What I love most about the Grado "house...
  24. raif

    NorCal/SF Bay Area Meet 8/8/2009

    Sweet! I haven't been to one of these in a long time and missed out on CanJam. When do we get to the "post your gear" phase? Or is that passé now?
  25. raif

    Time for another NorCal meet yet? :)

    This would be very nice for those of us that couldn't make Canjam.