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  1. yxmees

    Is there possibility to listen to various IEM's in EU?

    Hi. I want to buy a new pair of HiFi IEM's, but want to try them personally before purchasing. Is there some big store in some larger EU citys, where I could try different IEM's? Or perhaps some HiFi conventions? Any suggestion is welcomed.
  2. yxmees

    CrossRoads CR-02 Portable Amp

    Anyone had any experience with this amp? Is it any good for 49$?
  3. yxmees

    diameter of sleeves

    I want to buy some sleeves for my iM716 but don't know which ones to get, S M or L, could someone measure whats the diameter of Shure black foam olive sleeves?
  4. yxmees

    custom earmolds sound quality

    Hi. So I finally made customs for my iM716 but to my amazement the sound quality sucks bad with those. Highs from 10k seem to be cut off and mid also doesnt sound so good, also loudness level has to be even greater than with foamies. Customs fit quite well into my ears, bass is the same as with...