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  1. fjeena

    Best IEMs/canalphones for under £50 for Trance? MEEI M6 or M6 or AH-C710

    Hi As the title suggests I'm looking for a decent pair of IEMs for under £50. I know there are many other posts similar, but a lot of them are so old the IEMs suggested are no longer in production such as the Nuforce NE-700m , victor 700x or the UE 3 i cant seem to find in the uk. I...
  2. fjeena

    Thank you HEAD-Fiers

    I have been reading forum postings for some time now, decided to register an account last night.  Your guys inputs have helped to buy the Ultrasone HFI-780(my first real cans), which after breaking them in, they sound amazing!! and now, 3 weeks later,  I have just ordered a pair of DT 770...