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  1. keiron99

    Foobar and iPod Remote app

    I'm configuring my PC so that I can use my iPhone remote app to control Foobar.   However, what I notice is that the Remote sees EVERYTHING in my library (ie in Windows folders) even though those files are not in Foobar.   This is a problem because  I have all my files as lossless and...
  2. keiron99

    Is the Shure SE530 a significant upgrade from E3?

    I've had the Shure E3 earbuds a couple of years now. They only get light use for various reasons (I use Stax at home and don't get out with my portable much!) but I'm looking at changing my setup and possibly upgrading the Shures. They will be used with my home rig, a Sony 818 and iPod. Now I...
  3. keiron99

    Shortening a Shure E3 cable

    I've had a pair of Shure E3 earbuds for a few years now and hardly ever wear them for one single reason: the cable is too long and heavy. I've treied everything from zip ties to Smartwraps and come to the conclusion I really need to shorten the cable. Before I set about it I was hoping...
  4. keiron99

    Shure e3 gone quiet in one ear

    I have a pair of Shure e3 earbuds for use with my Ipod. They're several years old and I must say I haven't used them for about 6 months. I've got them out to take on summer hols with me and unfortunately the left earpiece has gone quiet. seemingly across the whole frequency spectrum. There's no...
  5. keiron99

    Soundcard with 2 digital outputs?

    I want t use the optical out of my sound card (Av710) to connect to my receiver and DAC (for headphones). Unfortunately, when I put an optical splitter on the output of my card, the receiver can't lock onto the signal I assume this is a consequence of the power of the signal being reduced. (My...
  6. keiron99

    Can I use a soundcard as well as onboard audio?

    I've just built a new PC. There is on board audio on the motherboard, and I also have a PCI sound card. For various long winded reasons, I want to operate both at the same time. However, as far as I can tell with Vista, I cannot do this. I have to go into the settings and switch between the two...
  7. keiron99

    Itunes crashing my PC with new graphics card

    I have an "integrated motherboard" (Abit, I believe) with built in graphics. Until recently, I also had an add-on graphics card which provided me with S-Video out. I used this so that I could control Itunes from my sofa, with the display up on my TV. Unfortunately the card stopped working...
  8. keiron99

    Adding remote volume

    I'm trying to work out the best way to add remote volume control to my Stax Energizer. Could I simply remove the wires from the volume pot, and attache them to a motorised volume pot? I'm sure it could be done. Is anyone aware of a high quality IR controlled motorized pot I could use?
  9. keiron99

    Which wire goes where?

    I need to put a new plug on a pair of old Sonys. There's a red, green and black. I assume black is common (barrel?), but can anyone verify this, and which is left and right? Thanks.
  10. keiron99

    Seeking a "one piece" 3.5mm and 6.3mm plug

    My Sony phones need a new plug (long story!). They originally came with a very neat arrangement - a 3.5mm plug that screwed into a 6.3mm adapter, giving the appearance of a single unit, with no clumsy adapter or extension cable required. I have searched high and low but I'm unable to find...
  11. keiron99

    Help extending a Stax cable

    I'm wanting to extend the cable on my Stax headphones. However, I do not fancy paying the prices of original Stax cables! I'm quite happy to have a go with a soldering iron. Firstly, does anyone know where I can get the Stax connectors - both male and female? I'm in the UK by the way...
  12. keiron99

    Behringer DEQ2496 - do I need one?

    My headphone rig is PC (Apple lossless files), via Itunes, into Airport Express, into a Perpetual Technologies DAC and then Stax SRM3 enersgiser/Lambda Pro Sig earspeakers. Very nice it sounds too. I do however enjoy tweaking the sound using the Itunes equalizer, primarily giving the bass a...
  13. keiron99

    Why is my Airport Express "always on"?

    I got an Airport Express in the last few days (thanks to those here who helped me set it up). I'm intrigued to find that, please correct me if I'm wrong, although theoretically it only passes music via Itunes, there is signal being passed through it (you can see the red light and my DAC locks...
  14. keiron99

    Help installing Chaintech driver please

    OK I got my Chaintech 710 sound card and have physicaly installed it. I've followed links to drivers on these forums and downloaded them. They appear to be RAR files. I click to find the Win XP drivers and there are about 5 or 6 different things listed. What do I do then? I have tried...
  15. keiron99

    How to disable PC volume control

    I use my PC as a source, connected via optical cable out from my motherboard (with built in soundcard operating on Nvidia software I believe) to my DAC/amp. I use Itunes. I've been playing about with the wiring and cocked things up. Now, the volume control on the keyboard adjusts the volume...
  16. keiron99

    Stax extension cables

    Can anyone enlighten me on this topic. I'm looking for an extension cable for my Stax Lambda Signature Pros. A few pop up from time to time here and there. I'm confused though, because whilst some are the traditional flat cable you associate with stax, some are round. Is there a difference?
  17. keiron99

    Is the M-Audio Audiphile USB for me?

    I need additional digital outs from my pc (long story!). I gather that given my configuration of digital out from PC > Perpetual Technologies DAC > Stax Energiser, an external sound card connected via USB would be desirable, with coax connection to the DAC. I have read there are 2 main benefits...
  18. keiron99

    Using PC as pre-amp

    I won't bore you with all the details of my set-up but I was thinking, if you're using your PC as a source, why bother with a pre-amp? Could it not be plugged directly into a power amp and the volume control on your replay software, eg iTunes be used instead of the volume control on the preamp...
  19. keiron99

    How do I get 2 optical outputs?

    I have an "integrated" motherboard with a single optical output. However, I now need 2 optical outs (long explanation, don't ask). I've tried a "splitter" but it's a bit flaky (maybe just poorly built). I once borrowed a sound card thinking it would supplement my existing output, but once...
  20. keiron99

    Upgrading my Stax energiser

    I've had my Stax Lambda Signature Pros and SRDX Pro energiser for longer than I care to remember! I've always thought that if there was a weak part of the system, it was probably the energiser. To that end I'm thinking of "upgrading", but to do that it'd have to make a worthwhile improvement...