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  1. audiosceptic

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    I received my Headamp BHSE yesterday via Fedex. Justin did an outstanding job packing the amp and it arrived in perfect condition. I unboxed the amp, put in the supplied newer Mullard EL34 tubes, hooked it up, turned it on and nothing. After checking everything I realized it takes around 45...
  2. audiosceptic

    Blue Hawaii SE Pics

    My mistake. I wasn't authorized to show them.
  3. audiosceptic

    New EMM DCC-2 Owner

    I've never really offered any opinions on equipment here but thought I would offer up my thoughts on my new EMM DCC-2 DAC. I listen to computer based music (Networked WAV files) 95% of the time so a good DAC was always important to me. Up until now I've been 100% satisfied with the Benchmark...
  4. audiosceptic

    Replacing CD3000

    While adding some new equipment to my audio rack I broke my beloved Sony CD3000. Bent and crunched the headband and snapped off one of the earcups. These were my only closed headphones and required for late night listening when the family is trying to sleep. I'm thinking of replacing them with a...