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  1. nathanv

    are the MCS series as good as the TECHNICS?

    im looking at the MCS 6601 and the Technics SL-220 which one should i get?
  2. nathanv

    best portable amp for Grado HF-2

    i just got my first audiophile grade headphones, HF-2s! but im not sure what the best amp is for them. i know nothing at all about amps. i was wondering if one of those altoid-C-moy amps would do the HF-2s justice, or should i chip out for something a little more expensive. i'm looking for...
  3. nathanv

    what is an ssd

    i was reading some forums and couldn't figure out what SSD's are
  4. nathanv

    how long does ttvj take to deliver

    i got some hf-2's coming from todd the vinyl junkie. i ordered almost a month ago does he usually take this long or should i be concerned about getting them?
  5. nathanv

    cheap iems

    i just blew all my money on a grado hf-2 and need some really cheep iems to take on a plane. any suggestions?
  6. nathanv

    grados in public

    can grados be taken out in public or would they be well heard by everyone around you? in other words can i take them to school or should i get some closed ones?