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  1. Torq

    Anyone have contact info for Eidolic?

    Nothing useful on their website. They don't respond via their Facebook page. Other, direct and indirect, means of attempting contact anyone there have proven unfruitful. Trying to buy their stuff via the obvious resellers/retailers is proving to be way too slow, fussy and unpredictable...
  2. Torq

    AK120 as external USB DAC for iPhone!

    So ... an interesting "discovery" with the AK120 that, I hope, also works with the 300 series ... (I say "discovery" - I don't see any references to it when I search here or the internet at large):   I'm able to use my AK120 as an external USB DAC with my iPhone 6S.   I've tried this before...
  3. Torq

    Life after Yggdrasil?

    Update (5/11/17): While I mentioned it in the thread at the time, I should point out that I am no longer pursuing this process - nor am I updating this thread going forward. This means sending suggestions/requests for DACs to be included in the list is unnecessary. It also means that any...