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  2. NKT

    The JVC FX850..Woodie perfection?. (A review)

    couldnt find it on amazon japan. but here is the US link
  3. NKT

    The JVC FX850..Woodie perfection?. (A review)

    Oh my goodness. I just swapped a set of $35 Shure EA46CLS cables--amazing results! The sound is much more open, awesome separation and detail! Bass is still hefty with plenty of punch and kick. Anyone wanna corroborate with my findings??? 
  4. NKT

    The JVC FX850..Woodie perfection?. (A review)

    Coming from a Westone/UE background, these fx850's have completely exceeded any expectation I've had of IEM headphones. They are just so full, so spacious, and with such great bass and separation and (insert audio adjective). I am using them with the Alpha Design Labs (ADL ihp-35ML) cables...
  5. NKT

    what will you buy in 2005?

    I always vow not to buy anything at the start of each year. That, however, never goes according to plan. hehe
  6. NKT

    Taiwanese Alessandro dealer, 2 questions.

    Hi guys, I've been too busy enjoying music to post much on this board...selfish me! Anyhow, are a great group of people. I would not have any reservations at all buying from them. I was lucky enough to visit their store in Taiwan, and they were extremely patient and helpful with me...
  7. NKT

    Best DAC for under $1000?

    I believe the Scott Nixon Tubedac+ with external powersupply will give any sub-$1k DAC a run for its money.
  8. NKT

    Recommend an isolation platform.

    I have heard very good things about Neuance audio shelves from all who have tried it. I'm tempted to eventually get a few's the link: (btw i'm in no way affiliated with neuance, just passing along what I've heard)
  9. NKT

    what are you eating right now?

    Ghirardelli dark chocolate...yum
  10. NKT

    OFFICIAL NEW YORK CITY MEET. Saturday Nov 13th Impressions Thread

    Some quick snaps from the meet can be found here Some samples:
  11. NKT

    OFFICIAL NEW YORK CITY MEET. Saturday Nov 13th Impressions Thread

    Thanks for all those who organized the meet, and the vendors that were there as well! It was really awe-inspiring to see the HUGE assortment of ultra-high end headphone gear there, and topped off with a 30-story unobstructed view of the Empire State AND Chrysler building! Sweet. I have to...
  12. NKT

    Bunch of Cary 300SEI in Audiogon

    The AKG1000's, on the other hand, would probably work VERY well with the cary .
  13. NKT

    Bunch of Cary 300SEI in Audiogon

    Better. By far. It wasn't even close. All across the frequency spectrum. Things were clearer, transients were snappier, greater sense of air, bass was more weighty, you name it. I honestly can't think of one thing the Ety does over the w2002 through my rig, besides isolation. But then again, the...
  14. NKT

    Bunch of Cary 300SEI in Audiogon

    Ok, quick impressions of Ety 4p with Cary: I think a little bit of the tube "roll-off" on the highs help tame the ety's hyper detail effect. Bass is still as good as reasonably expected from the Ety. The tubes add a warmth to the Ety's that I've never heard with them before (I've only used them...
  15. NKT

    Bunch of Cary 300SEI in Audiogon

    I will try it right now. Expect a reply in about 10 minutes lol. It has stock specs... oil caps, 1% metal film resistors...etc
  16. NKT

    Bunch of Cary 300SEI in Audiogon

    Thought I might interject here, seeing as I own a 300sei and all. When I first switched from solid state to SET i noticed an overall decrease in bass weight and impact, but the improvements in midrange and lushness of the treble far outweighed anything else. I recently swapped in an Emission...
  17. NKT

    OFFICIAL NEW YORK CITY MEET. Saturday Nov 13th, 12pm - 5pm

    Yes. I can bring the xitel, powerbook (source), Nixon, and MS pro's. Maybe I could use one of the emmeline amps?
  18. NKT

    OFFICIAL NEW YORK CITY MEET. Saturday Nov 13th, 12pm - 5pm

    Done. I can bring the MS pro and the tubedac, if someone has an amp i can plug with. (the 50lb cary is a little heavy to bring on a taxi with me...)
  19. NKT

    OFFICIAL NEW YORK CITY MEET. Saturday Nov 13th, 12pm - 5pm

    Any more room at this meet? I may be able to attend...and/or bring a couple of my things with me...
  20. NKT

    Portable heaven!

    How are you enjoying those w2002's? Looking forward to some detailed impressions...and pics! BTW, what did you do with that friendly black guy in your avatar? lol
  21. NKT

    Best looking headphone?

    OK, I concede that the RS-1, MS Pro looks pretty nice as well...but IMO it's still distant second to the w2002...
  22. NKT

    Best looking headphone?

    No question. W2002 by far.
  23. NKT

    How good are the RS-1's?

    Quote: Originally Posted by braillediver The RS-1's put you on stage where the excitement is, no chance of falling asleep. Sort of like a punk rock girl with body piercings. LOL! That's one of the best descriptions I've heard. I guess my w2002's would be a high priced escort...
  24. NKT

    W2002s or L3000s which is better?

    In response to Bangraman's post regarding tonality, when I first picked up the w2002 I noticed that reproduced piano sounded a touch "off"--difficult to describe, but having played piano for most of my life I am pretty particular about reproduced piano sound. This was with the w2002 being driven...
  25. NKT

    I finally got my Sony MDR-R10s!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by WulfmanJax As a side note, i don't want people to think i spent ALL of my life savings on this system. I still have more than enough to build on. I spent a good chunk of it, but, IMHO, it's money well spent. I spend more time listening to my music than...