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  1. coldmack

    Sleek Audio SA1 vs HF5 vs Super fi 3 vs IE6/7 vs S3/4

    If I am looking for a natural sounding IEM where the output is as close as what the musician intended to be which one of these listed should I be looking at? Which will also bring out the detail in the music? Cost is about the same as all can be had for about 100(either new or used) from...
  2. coldmack

    What IEM are these?

    What Sennheiser are these? I don't see it listed on their site, nor can I find any info on them? Are they any good, or worth the price?
  3. coldmack

    EM9 vs EM7 few q?

    I was a local shop today and tried the EM7 and really digged the sound quality out it paired to my Droid 2. However, there was a few things that keep me from getting one. One was the short cord, I store has demo models, so I wasn't allowed to see in the box to see of there is an extension cord...
  4. coldmack

    IEM help -limited

    So, I got a Sony store gift card that can be only spent at a Sony store, and I already got beautiful TV. Now I have 37 bucks left and want nothing else but a pair of IEM. I already a nice dedicated set I use at home or when I really want to hear the music, but now I just want something for when...
  5. coldmack

    JVC FXC50?

    I read about these and they kind of interest me. It suppose to have an HD sound or something is that true? Maybe someone can shed more light on them for me? Would they be better than the marshemellows, or the FX66/FX77? Aslo is there a newer version or a next step-up model?