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  1. mamamia88

    LG V30 Used Vs Sony NW-A25 on Aliexpress?

    So I have a pixel 3a and the bluetooth sound output isn't cutting it. I like to listen to metal at full ear shattering volume and it just won't let me with my wh-1000xm3 headphones. I was considering getting the v30 used on swappa but, then came across the walkman on aliexpress. Which the...
  2. mamamia88

    Best Sounding Portable Setup for $100 or less?

    Just got my pixel 3a and it just sounds flat. I'd rather have something that brings my music to life preferably with the option to use Bluetooth as well. A clip would be nice but if a super large battery is available that might be worth not having a clip. Any suggestions? I have an old Moto e...
  3. mamamia88

    Looking for some kind of remote control for android phone

    I'm looking for some kind of adapter with play/pause/next/previous buttons that can be used with any set of headphones I own.  But, I can't seem to find anything like this.  I don't want a mic because I don't want the adapter to sit near my left shoulder.    If it could sit near my belly button...
  4. mamamia88

    Cheap Online Source of CDS?

    I'm trying to get as much of my music collection in lossless as possible just for peace of mind.   Problem is I only own about half of the cds I have mp3s of.   Anything cheaper than  I can usually find a decent condition cd for a few bucks but, shipping is sometimes more expensive...
  5. mamamia88

    Headphone Extension Cable Like the Apple Magentic Power Cable?

    I was wondering if something like this exists?  I'm thinking of putting my old netbook on the coffee table and getting an dac/amp for it and using that for playing music while gaming.  But, I was wondering if a cable like that one apple uses for power on their laptops exists for audio?  
  6. mamamia88

    Anything Better than the HD 558 in the price range?

    I'm considering picking up a pair of HD 558.  They go for $120 ish on amazon new and $90 ish used.  Not sure if it's worth buying used?   Anyway I listen to pretty much every genre but mostly 2/3 rock and metal and 1/3 hip hop with the occasional country and classical thrown in.    Anything...
  7. mamamia88

    Hip Hop and Classic Rock

    Listening to the newest Eminem Album at least 3 or 4 of his tracks are obvioiusly sampled from classic rock or inspired by classic rock.    So what are some other great songs not covers but just sampled like ?