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  1. JiPi

    Napster & Free Rio Players

    Here is a very useful link for those out there who are mp3-buying freaks. Plus you get a great deal just for registering! Either choose a free Chiba Sport or add 80$ to your subscription and get a Nitrus! I think that's cool..
  2. JiPi

    HP iPod?

    So I read about that HP branded iPod a while ago on the forums and I'm pretty interested in getting one (just because I might be able to get a really nice price for it...). So I was wonderring if anyone knew what the street release date was (or any approximation of it would be good too)...
  3. JiPi

    Best Case For iMP-350 (Or Similar PCDP)

    Topic says it all.. I'm going to get a iMP-350 for Christmas and I'm looking for a nice case for it (the "bag" that comes with it is supposed to be crap, and the pictures I've seen of it so far comfirm that..). I need something that will hold it tight, and will have space for at least two CDs...
  4. JiPi

    Recommendations for home theater components

    Yes! Me and my dad decided we were going to be shopping for home theater components. Now that the house is cleared from all the crap his - err.. Never mind We have a bunch of place and we want a good theater system! He says he's willing to put in about $2k CDN in it. He was eyeing a system...
  5. JiPi

    iRiver products in Philadelphia...

    My dad is in Philly this week and I would like him to pick up a iMP-XXX for me while he's there (no iRiver retailer here.. and even after two e-mails asking BestBuy (who just arrived here) to order them just like their Southern friends do, they just ignore me. Or at least do not reply to me...
  6. JiPi

    V6 cable modding question.

    How can I shorten (or remove) the loop the cable between the headband and the cups of the V6 does? Here's a picture of it : It's there so that when people expand the headband, the cable can follow without breaking. But I don't extand it and neither does my father
  7. JiPi

    iMP-550 cheaper than iMp-400 ?

    I went on to check the pricing of the two players and the iMP-400 is $159.88, and the 550 is $152.99. Isn't that wrong? Anywho, I'm looking into buying either one of these players.. any recommendations? I've read some bad stuff about the iMP-550 on the board lately (like it being a...
  8. JiPi

    Best online places to buy furniture?

    If anybody knows good online places to buy quality and stylish furniture (to hold CDP, Amp, DVDP, Reciever, etc) please let me know. We just redid our room that had our sound system and our last setup won't really fit in with the new room. Plus it wasn't really praticle (wires flying here and...
  9. JiPi

    New Morcheeba

    Hehe. Just had a listen of their new album 'Parts Of The Process' and I think it rules. I thought it was pretty good. It's got 18 tracks and the CD is just above 80 minutes, so it's not a ripoff. Only thing that bothered me a little is that the singer, Skye, doesn't seem to use her voice a...
  10. JiPi

    D-NE710 / D-NE718CK Anyone?

    Hey ya'll .. I know I said I'd be buying this baby when it would come out, but they aren't here yet (blame Canada.. I saw that one coming). So anyway, I was wondering if anyone tried one of them yet and if so, could you tell me what you thought of it? The specs don't look so bad, it's priced...
  11. JiPi

    Am I hearing voices?$/!"!@

    Ok, I'm officialy scared. I just plugged my headphones in my PC soundcard (SoundBlaster Live! 5.1) to listen to some binaural samples.. I had the volume at really low volume. And after the sample was done playing, I thought I heard voices. I then thought it was just the sample replaying in...
  12. JiPi

    New Mouse On Mars

    YAY Nice one from the electronic minimalists from Mouse on Mars. Just listened to their new album 'Glam' and I must say it rocks. Very unsual sounds from this rather eclectic group but I like it. People who like very lo-fi electronic will dig this one. But you'll have to wait. This baby...
  13. JiPi

    Céline's New Show

    OMG. I don't know if any of you guys watched Oprah or any other show that talked about Céline Dion's new show, but it looks incredible! It just makes me even more proud to be a Québécois! I just watched another show reviewing the show and it's always the same words coming up : 'Amazing!'...
  14. JiPi

    Headphone gallery anyone?

    Hey.. I'm trying to collect as many headphone pictures as possible to make a really big gallery (so far I've got 239 photos of many different headphones and earphones). I only put up 156 on a Yahoo Picture account so far, but if anyone would be willing to contribute to it so it gets...
  15. JiPi

    Question about a Sony oldy

    I was at a friend's house earlier today and I was at his computer and I noticed he had these shelves with lots of audio equipment and all.. So I took a look and found some cool stuff. Some Sony DR-55 for one.. And a bunch of other stuff (Pioneer SA-500 amplifier and Selfix TD-200...
  16. JiPi

    Best/Cheapest Stores to buy Headphones (Online or not)

    I was wonderring. I've been on this cheap headphone search for a while already and I just can't seem to find what I want for good prices. Either they're too expensive (buying new from well- rated online stores) or suspiciously low priced (at not so well- rated online stores). Then there...
  17. JiPi

    iMP-400 vs Others..?! Help me make my choice!

    Hey, I'm going to buy a MP3CD Player for 'Xmas' (Yea, a little late but whatever ) and I'm looking at the iRiver iMP-400 right now. I'm thinking this would be my 1st choice. I would go for the CJ-D01 but for some stupid reasons I didn't like it (no firmware upgrades, no ogg support and most...
  18. JiPi

    MP3CD Players.. Which one's the best?

    Now I'm looking into buying a MP3CD player but I really do not know what to do. There's Sony, Rio, Panasonic, etc... So what brand does what? Which PCDP has the best buck for buck value? Gimme the specs on the ones I should be looking out for or if there are any new ones coming soon, which I...
  19. JiPi

    Any New MP3CD Player Coming Out?

    Wondered if Sony was planning on putting a version 2 of the D-CJ01. I really liked it, but two missing features made me return it (not firmware upgradable, no ffwd through mp3). Or if there is another promising player coming out soon, would like to hear about it Thank you
  20. JiPi

    Good Looks AND Good Sound?

    Is that even possible? I can honestly say the V700-DJ are probably the best-looking headphones I ever saw, but then again the sound sucks big time. And pretty much all the good-sounding headphones don't look so good (ei, everything except V700's ). The HD-580's are starting to grow on me...