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  1. Mors

    Looking for wireless IEM's, fit's an issue

    Hi, looking for a bit of help if possible. I'm looking to get some wireless IEM's, coming from the 1964 U8's and the Sony XM2's as my dailies. Since the begging of time I've always always had fit issues, with any tips I've ever had, never ever been able to get a good seal even with custom...
  2. Mors

    What tips for 1964 Adels?

    I'm at my wits end. I can hear brilliance in my new U series, BUT, I can't get any sort of seal from them. Whatever tip I try, I get some sort of seal, but if I push in and rotate the IEM a little in my ear I get an amazing sound - I let go and let them go back to their normal fit, and they...
  3. Mors

    Upgrade from Senn IE8 - W40 or SM64?

    Hi, been quite a while since I've posted on these forums, I usually pop in when I want some new kit :s   I've had my IE8's for about 3yrs now, and have loved them, but they don't know seem as good as they used to, and the seal for me is getting worse and worse (I use foamies, I've used them in...
  4. Mors

    Null Audio - No more recables! :(

    Where else can I get my broken cable, out of warranty SE530's done in the UK? Anyone know? I've been chasing NullAudio for a while now about doing a recable and they told me 'we will start again in May' when they eventually replied to any emails. But I've just got a reply off them saying...
  5. Mors

    Never owned an ipod, thinking of getting an iphone?

    I've never owned an ipod, and my mobile contract is about to be up so I'm thinking of killing two birds with one stone. I'm wondering though, how do you think the iPhone 3G compares to other flash based players like the Touch 2G and say the D2 etc? Is the battery life ok if I would...
  6. Mors

    SE530 recable in the UK?

    I've finally got hit by the problem too. Cable has gone bad, around the jack somewhere internally, there doesn't seem to be any obvious external cracks. Seeing as these are 18-24months old and I had them off ebay, I doubt Shure are going to be interested. Is there anywhere in the UK that...
  7. Mors

    Has anyone taken their Comply's off their IE8 yet? lol

    This isn't going to be pretty. The Comply T400 are brilliant on my IE8, but I just thought I'd whip them off to try a Sony tip I had knocking around but dear me, it is VERY tight, so I've left it. I can see me having to get the needle nose piers out and having to destroy the Complys that are...
  8. Mors

    EQ on Ipod?

    I've got a new toy - RMAA. I started playing with it last night and seeing what sort of graphs were produced from my players, and what graph they produced with my favourite EQ set. With EQ on the Clix and D2 there was an obviously bump on the bass, which sounds great to my ears. Whereas...
  9. Mors

    Anyone notice the headroom graphs are back?

    Some of the IEMs seemed to have disappeared for a while but my 530's and IE8's are now on there Think this is showing my IE8's sound awesome
  10. Mors

    Tips for Sony EX700 in the UK? For the IE8

    I've found these, but I think they're the old style ones for all EX series? Advanced MP3 Players Sony EPEX1B Spare Earbuds for EX Series Headphones I've seen a few links around for the tips direct for Sony USA but wondered if anywhere in the UK is doing them? :/
  11. Mors

    Why amp the headphone out

    I'm quite new to this scene so bear with me I'm not quite sure why a lot of people on here have got in their sigs, or are raving about amping the headphone out on their devices before hitting their headphones? My understanding was you were meant to amp the line out of your mp3 player, as the...
  12. Mors

    Where to get a Zune from in the UK?

    Been looking for a cheap Zune from a UK supplier (I know it's not been officially released over here yet) and the only place I can find is - And they want $500 for one!!! I can pick one up off ebay from the states brand new for 200-250 dollars plus postage, would...
  13. Mors

    Best SQ with no external amp and not an Ipod?

    My Clix2 broke a week after having it, it's been gone 3weeks and I've not had a chance to test it with my new Shure E500's, and by the state of Iriver's support I doubt I'm going to hear it again any time soon/ever. So I'm looking at other DAP's. I dont want an Ipod, and I don't want an...
  14. Mors

    How much 2nd hand E500's?

    How much would you be willing to pay for a 2nd hand, mint condition set? Someone's offering me some for £155 and I'm wondering whether it's worth it? I currently have E4G's that I paid £90 for a couple of weeks ago. Sure I saw them before brand new for about £175? About $350 in dollars I guess.
  15. Mors

    Dynamic or Armature?

    Just been doing a bit of reading on Wikipedia about Dynamic and Armature drivers. Seems Dynamic drivers are quite good for low frequencies and bass etc, whilst Armature are better it the higher frequencies. From what I can make out, most of the better IEMs have 2-3 drivers and it seems they are...