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  1. ronfifer

    K702 Too loud Out Of Laptop, Do I Still Need An AMP?

    My AKG k702 just arrived. Plan to use them for competitive FPS gaming, making use of their renowned soundstage and imaging. I plugged it into the 3.5mm headphone jack on my gaming laptop, which has a Realtek HD audio chip on-board, and i couldn't raise the volume more than 65% in Windows. Got...
  2. ronfifer

    USB Soundcard with VSS or dedicated AMP/DAC stack for FPS gaming?

    Question: I just bought AKG K702, AD900x, and HE-4XX open back headphones for competitive fps gaming on PC. I'm trying to figure out which route to take to complete the setup on my gaming laptop, to achieve optimal directional accuracy: 1. USB soundcard with Virtual Surround features, just in...
  3. ronfifer

    Experts I Need Your Advice Please

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a headphone to play online shooter games and AAA scifi games on PC. I have 4 simple requirements but trying to find a candidate in the audiophile category (branded as Studio, monitoring, or Gaming headphone). Microphone is NOT required, it's ok if it is included...
  4. ronfifer

    Who is in France or the EU?

    Hello,   Anyone of you audiophiles living in France or the EU by any chance?   I would love to share market data and info on the best (online) shops to satisfy our relentless crave for high end audio, at reasonable prices.   The 20% TVA here and lack of price wars makes the USA...