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  1. hojomojo96

    Not actually buying headphones is addictive... Help!

    So I've been saving and saving for a mid/hi-fi setup for a long time, and now that I'm finally here, I don't know which direction I want to take it. Originally, I was going to get the Mad Dogs and the Aune T1, and call it a day, since that was all I thought I'd be able to practically afford...
  2. hojomojo96

    Final Budget Amp Selection - Project Ember vs Musical Paradise MP-301

    Well, after lots and lots of research and asking many questions (thank you to all the fellow head-fiers who have put up with me, I appreciate it), I have narrowed it down to these two. Project ember, for $341 shipped, and the Musical Paradise MP-301 mk 3 2013 Deluxe Version for $360 shipped...
  3. hojomojo96

    What are the different components to a home audio setup?

    Just curious to see what components one can add to a home headphone/audio setup. By components I mean things like: headphones, amp, DAC, computer, CD player, turntable, or an equalizer. What else could you add that might make a difference?
  4. hojomojo96

    ***CLOSED*** Back, and in need of help - setting up a system, and the Topping TP30

    So, I've been away from head-fi for a little while, but I'm "back" per say. I'm looking to build both a good portable system and a good desktop system, both on a small budget as I'm 15. I'm new to this whole amping thing. I'd like to acquire at least a good portable and desktop amp, as well as...
  5. hojomojo96

    Brainwavz Pro Alpha - A great deal? Yes. Budget basshead heaven? Not by a long shot.

    NOTE: ALL OF THE FOLLOWING REPRESENTS MY OPINIONS.   Testing Setup: ipod touch -> Fiio E5 -> Brainwavz Pro Alpha I listened to a mix of songs, all of which were mp3s, 192kbps or higher.   Yesterday, in the mail, I recieved my Brainwavz Pro Alpha. To tell the truth, I was quite...
  6. hojomojo96

    Meelec M6 - I got mine, and I have some questions.

    My questions: How do I use the cord wrapper thingy? And, can i take the shirt clip off? If so, how?   Please help me out :) Thanks!
  7. hojomojo96

    This really IS bad for your wallet. o.O

    Just today, I spent $25 on 2 cases, and a line out cable for my itouch. Also, my mom bought me M6’s. And hopefully, if the Pro Alpha deal lasts, I’ll be ordering those tomorrow, too. Did I mention I got my RE2’s YESTERDAY? /end rant about this never ending hole begging me to throw money into it
  8. hojomojo96

    RE2's are FINALLY here :) - initial impressions

    My RE2s come in tomorrow. After over a week of waiting, I'll finally have them :D Just thought I'd reserve a spot to post my impressions, and relieve my frustration over having to wait. :P
  9. hojomojo96

    Amping my IEM's

    Will it produce better sound quality if I turn the volume up on my itouch all  the way, and keep the volume all the way down on my E5? Or if I turn it up on the E5 and down on the itouch? One thing I have noticed is that if used the first way, there is no hissing at all.
  10. hojomojo96

    Detachable Cables

    Are what I'm looking for in my next IEM's.   I have Kicker eb141's, Metro Fi 220's, and Super.Fi 5's. As far as sound signature goes, I'm open to almost anything that has a good sound QUALITY. The only catch: the IEM's must have detachable cables, and preferably be under $50.   I have...
  11. hojomojo96

    Super.Fi 5 Initial Impressions

    THE BELOW-MENTIONED (IS THAT GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT?) THOUGHTS ARE MINE, AND ONLY MINE. YOU MAY DISAGREE WITH THEM, AND THAT SUCKS FOR YOU.   Well, I haven't listened to them for long, just got them, but here what I think right off the bat:   Packaging: Quite nice, gets the job done...
  12. hojomojo96

    Question about the Meelec ht21's?

    Does anyone think they'll be on sale for under the pre order price ($35) anytime soon?  Or should I just bite on the pre order savings?
  13. hojomojo96

    beyerdynamic dt 235   How are they for the price?   I'm a bit of a basshead, but really, I don't care about the quantity so much as the quality. Mind you, I would like portables that are "fun" sounding. How do...
  14. hojomojo96

    SoundMagic PL-30 + Fiio E5 vs. Brainwavs M1

    Which one is a better deal, the PL-30 with the amp at $45, or the M1's at $40? Note that I'm a bit of a basshead :P   And no, I can't get the M1's for $30, I'll be getting these in like, 3 months.
  15. hojomojo96

    My Kicker eb141's come in today!

    My friends are excited for Black Ops: I'm excited for IEM's.   I'll post an out-of-box review later, and then an after burn-in review. I'm not too experienced, so please excuse anything I miss in the review: just ask about it, and I'll fix it right away.