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    Hugo 2 plus mscalar vs. DAVE or Hugo TT 2

    Hi, just wondering how the mscalar fits in to the lineup. Assume one has Hugo 2 already. What would yield the best sound quality: 1. Adding mscalar to Hugo 2 or 2. Buying Hugo 2 tt or 3. Buying Dave The Dave is in a different price bracket than the others. As the TT 2 and mscalar are nearly...
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    Portable IEM DAC/Amp Under $1k

    I’m a long time audiophile/enthusiast looking for the best portable headphone dac/amp under $1k For my current setup I use an ifi xdsd to drive the latest ety, audeo pfe 232, and Heir 8.a. (I also have campfire Solaris and Hyla TE-5B on the way). The goal for the next two or three years is to...