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  1. (Pending) Yinlvmei A2 Perfect condition

    Powerful sounding device. Supports Balanced 4.4mm and 3.5mm unbalanced. Type-C USB. Read micro SD card up to 512gb. Runs on Android 9, Kernel version 3.18.119. Supports WIFI and Bluetooth Dual AK 4497. Comes with cables, adapters and two leatherette cases. Purchased somewhere 2019 Dec but I had...
  2. James Shoegazer

    Comment by 'James Shoegazer' on listing 'ATH-MSR7 Special Edition'

    @drbluenewmexico dude I clearly PM’d you with my answer Months ago. You might want to refresh your memory and check your inbox @Nostoi and welcome to headfi. There is something called PM now guys I clearly can’t attend to you 24/7 im not an audio specialist so do your own research on headfi
  3. QP2R

    Nude Device only. No other box or accessories. Comes with bumper stickers. Like new no scratches to body. Never dropped. Used sparingly. No issues with operations. Tested with NO battery/software bugs. No jammy buttons and wheels. no other currency. £ only, no offers. Free shipping only within...
  4. (PRICED DROPPED) Earsonics Purple, tuneable 5-BA

    As you can see it’s still in good condition with no damage or cracks to exterior. Sounds stunning too. Please find attached pictures of what you’ll be getting. No refunds once purchased unless its not functioning like it should. Ship from the UK with PP fees incl. Shipping will cost. Also...
  5. Earsonics S-EM9 ex-Flagship

    Very good condition Earsonics S-EM9 that works like it should. Not much use and in box. Please find attached pictures of what you’ll be getting. Comes with an extra balanced cable for 2.5mm No refund once sold unless its not functioning like it should. Ship from the UK with PP and shipping...
  6. JH Audio Layla 2 FMJ

    It’s still in great working condition and preloved as they really sound monstrous and beautiful for its price. Cosmetically looks great without any parts broken. Includes only one original tuning cable (2.5 balanced), extra eartips (not original), Metal case in great condition, cleaning brush...
  7. James Shoegazer

    Comment by 'James Shoegazer' on listing '(LAST PRICE) Earsonics S-EM9'

    £580 ⤥ £550 final price or no sale
  8. James Shoegazer

    Feedback by 'James Shoegazer' on listing 'Grado PS2000e'

    A pleasant and easygoing transaction
  9. James Shoegazer

    ThieAudio Signature Series Tribrid IEMs

    Does anyone know if Oracle/Excalibur fixed the fit issue or are the shell designs exactly the same as Clair/Monarch?
  10. James Shoegazer

    Earsonics EM4

    Are there Any users from 2021 who still use the EM4Pro? Need an up to date impression, especially comparing with other ES products.
  11. (Price dropped) Astell&Kern Crystal Cable PEF30

    Astell & Kern Crystal Cantabile Cable - Price includes PP fees - MMCX to 3.5mm - Cable is in good condition (8.5/10) - Slight discolouration at the 3.5mm tip (refer to pic), does not affect sound - No audible problems, No oxidisation, cable is gleaming white. - I can‘t negotiate as it goes for...
  12. James Shoegazer

    Review: Questyle Audio QP1R - With Multiple Headphone and IEM Pairings

    Could you elaborate more? I think in some ways I find the QP1R irreplaceable over the QP2R. QP1R had more authority and clarity when paired with EE Zeus XR and the Earsonics EM32, both hard-hitters. AR-M2 is a powerhouse but is fuzzier and lacked the 1R’s treble
  13. James Shoegazer

    HiFiMAN HM-901 visit pg 18. IMGS pg 19. NEW beta FW 1st page. . to the 901s. .new 901s FW .

    Measurements of HM901R which would be useful depending on your sonic philosophy. I’m not a fan of numbers, and too lazy to translate everything. Same reviewer likened the HM901R to vintage AIWA earbuds / cassette players which led him to reminiscent on his schooling years
  14. James Shoegazer

    HiFiMAN HM-901 visit pg 18. IMGS pg 19. NEW beta FW 1st page. . to the 901s. .new 901s FW .

    So....I combed through comments and reviews from Xianyu app and forums and found that the 901R is still using the cumbersome firmware like it’s predecessors, and lack support for many amp cards like those premium ones from Ufeel. Although UI is somewhat agrarian it performs well at a...
  15. Rare Aurisonics ASG-2.5

    I found no practical usage for this as I'm not a basshead, selling as it is. - No original box. Good working condition - IEM, a few pairs of tips and a matching UE900s balanced cable. - Good condition without any damage, discoloration whatsoever - Comes in plastic protective case
  16. James Shoegazer

    Hifiman HM901S New Flagship DAP

    I see that this device had good traction back in its heyday. But that’s like more than 4 years ago, any more metrics especially when compared to “smartphone” daps now? I can’t seem to find an updated opinion to make it worth a purchase.
  17. ATH-MSR7 Special Edition

    - ATH-MSR7SE (Special Edition), striking dark blue and gold accents - THIS IS NOT MSR7B OR THE ORIGINAL MSR7 - Includes original 2m cable, a short 6N OFC cable and an in-line remote cable. Cables are supple and tangle free. - I treat my items with care, everything is in good shape and good...
  18. Grado PS2000e

    1. Price includes international tracked shipping with Aramex* PP fees included. 2. Ships from Singapore 3. If you are worried about import customs, I can amend declaration value upon request. *Value added services from FedEx avail, but at your own expense