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  1. Killercrush

    EHHA Rev A - Interest Thread

    Just got a REV A here and was wondering the same thing, is it doable with some mods ?!
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  3. Killercrush

    Joseph Grado Signature Product "HP2i" upgraded HP 1000 headphone; information journal and comparative review (on hiatus :/)

    Great thread btw !! 4 pairs of HP1000i, really ?! Wow !!!    I'd like to know a few things about this upgrade :   Firstly, does Joe replace the drivers with the upgrade or not ?!   I've also lost a few driver screws with time, do you think he can supply those ??   Does he keep...
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  7. Killercrush

    Montreal meet at the SSI, april 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

    Space reserved for 3 Main Reviews :   TTVJ Apex Peak + Volcano Pre-amp :         Audeze LCD-2 Headphones :         Furutech GT-40 USB DAC Phono Pre-amp :  
  8. Killercrush

    Montreal Meet at the SSI 2011

    I'll be there on friday morning to open the room and maybe also in the afternoon  as well as thursday night to install everything.   Can't be there on week-end at all...  
  9. Killercrush

    Montreal Meet at the SSI 2011

    K1000 are one of my favorite headphones (Earspeakers..), Top 1-3 for female vocals imo.
  10. Killercrush

    Montreal Meet at the SSI 2011

    Hmmm, I'll probably be there this year too but with a more complete setup.   I work in an electronics store now so I have access to quite a good selection of things to buy to make my system better.   I'll be bringing these this year :   Transport : DIY Modded Yamaha DVD/SACD Player...
  11. Killercrush

    Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2

    V2 Drivers = Tweaked V1 Based Drivers ?!   Where did all the V1 drivers go by the way ??
  12. Killercrush

    Summer Montreal meet, August 14th

      Quote: I second this so we could try the HD600/HD650 aftermarket cables on them.
  13. Killercrush

    Summer Montreal meet, August 14th

    Soha II réparé.   Bonheur s'en suit.
  14. Killercrush

    ER4P versus HF2/5

    Quote: Originally Posted by jaw2ek Never heard ER4P. However, in less than a year, I've had the sound tubes crumble on two HF5s, my original and their replacement. I like the sound: I'm wearing them now, having used a bit of teflon sealing tape to hold the rmainder of the sound tube...
  15. Killercrush

    Montreal SSI meet impressions

    Well, firstly, even if I was only there for a few hours on sunday, I had the time to appreciate the kindness of fellow HFiers and the goodness that they brought. The room was actually not as nice as last year IMO, the round table was perfect and the ''real'' walls helped in keeping the place...
  16. Killercrush

    2010 Montreal FSI [Head-fi] Meet

    Quote: Originally Posted by papomaster [...] and amps [burson 160, head-direct ef5, asl hb1, asl twinhead] [...] See you during the weekend guys! Can I shotgun the EF-5 as I won't have my SOHA II in time for the meet ?! This way we'll get to try one of my CBS 7318 tubes...
  17. Killercrush

    2010 Montreal FSI [Head-fi] Meet

    Damn I don't think I'll have my SOHA II in time...
  18. Killercrush

    Boston MA 3-6-2010 Meet Impressions

    Any impressions on The Stacker II ?! Looked like a pretty damn nice meet.
  19. Killercrush

    Travelling the world on the cheap: Learn me.

    Couchsurfing is the way to go, just be sure to treat your host(s) nicely with some freebies :P.
  20. Killercrush

    2010 Montreal FSI [Head-fi] Meet

    Quote: Originally Posted by LeMat Papomaster, could you choose stuff from everyone and setup a bunch of fully functionnal rigs (source + amp + headphone) ? I'm in that situation, either need to borrow a source or need a lift to bring my desktop with my firewire interface.
  21. Killercrush

    Want to try something new

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pariah1 So I got upgrade/try-something-different itus. The main reason is that while I really like my Grado 225i's and just recently got a Head Direct EF-1 to run them (with Tung Sol Black Glass NOS tube currently), I just can't get over their lack of...
  22. Killercrush

    Killer midrange

    The AKG K1000 had something going on with female vocals when I spent some time with a pair, sick realistic tone IMO. Voices totally appearing from nowhere on a black background!