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  1. BattleBrat

    Any reputable cable techs in So Cal, Pasadena?

    I have a couple pairs of headphones I need terminated. I’d do it myself but the wires are lacquered and I want a clean job. It’s a pair of Pioneer SE-A1000’s getting the cord shortened and I have a new identical OEM style plug, and a pair of porta pros’s getting a balanced Moon audio 2.5mm TRRS...
  2. BattleBrat

    Grado SR325e owners with TTVJ Deluxe flats, how do you like them?

    How did the soundstage change? The bass? The mids? The treble? Are they comfortable? I listen for 6 hours plus when working sometimes so it’s important laughs. Thanks in advance guys!
  3. BattleBrat

    Love my balanced PortaPros!!

    I found these connectors for $1.50 each and just got these new PortaPros as warranty so I said why not ? Why should my ER3XRs have all the balanced fun? So I balanced them. They turned into KSC 75’s with bass and incredible dynamics! The sound stage got even wider!! I have a pair of Grado...
  4. BattleBrat

    Any cable techs know the wire assignment for a 2.5mm TRRS Balanced IEM plug?

    I need to know (from Tip, upper center, lower center, base) how the wires go, I need to know what is R+,R-,L+,L-. I’m trying to make a set of balanced PortaPros, thanks guys!
  5. BattleBrat

    Dang it feels good to have plush ear pads again! Sony MDR-F1

    Not perfect but so much better!
  6. BattleBrat

    They came NEW with the Earcup broken but I don’t care!! So good!

    KOSS SP540 Just got these in from the mail. I open them up and the seam between the headband and one of the ear cups was a little more than the other! I rotated it a few times and it pops off right in my hand! Not to waste a good listening opportunity I stuff it in best I could and put them on...
  7. BattleBrat

    I think my HD700’s are dead, can someone suggest some brighter side cans?

    Well guys, I was pretty much done with headphones. I fell in love with my Etymotic ER3XRs and I felt that they were perfect. The only real headphones I had were my Sony Z7’s and my Sennheiser HD700’s. The Z7’s were dark and the HD700’s were bright. I pretty much have been using speakers at home...
  8. BattleBrat

    Think my HD700’s are dead, please recommend me some bright cans

    Well guys, I was pretty much done with headphones. I fell in love with my Etymotic ER3XRs and I felt that they were perfect. The only real headphones I had were my Sony Z7’s and my Sennheiser HD700’s. The Z7’s were dark and the HD700’s were bright. I pretty much have been using speakers at home...
  9. BattleBrat

    I need a reputable Cable Tech to make a LOD for me...

    It is a rather simple LOD low profile 30-pin Apple connector, cable at the bottom not the side, 18 inches of preferably highly flexible copper cable, and a Pailiccs 3.5mm plug. Post pics of your work and your soldering joints pm me your price, this job will not necessarily be going to the lowest...
  10. BattleBrat

    Places to buy lossless audio online..

    Hello, I apologize if this thread has been made many times over. Just wondering, where are the best places to buy lossless audio online?
  11. BattleBrat

    I just left my ER-4PT's in a 120 degree F car for about 20 min.

    They sound OK, tubes aren't cracked or anything, should I be worried? They were in a Deluxe Etymotic zip case... I just got back from an audiologist to have impressions made for the custom tips for them too.
  12. BattleBrat

    WHAT!!! The HD700's are made in Ireland?

    Really? I was thinking of picking some up, but now I might go with a Beyerdyne offering, or maybe those new $700 shure cans. I dunno, how do you guys feel about the HD700's being made in Ireland.
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    It's as thin as my Ipod Touch 4th gen!
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    Wrong forum, sorry
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    Ok, boys and girls, the Cowon D3 Plenue has the Gingerbread update, GIMMIE YOUR IMPRESSIONS!!!

    I need to know how it works now, how do you install apps? is the normal android market available? is it fast? there is an app callled TEXT FREE, on my Itouch it allows you to have a phone number and call people and buy minutes and the like, but on my droid, Text Free just lets you have free text...
  16. BattleBrat

    Triad Audio L3 VS. Triad Audio LISA III XP; a Brief Comparison

    The L3 is HERE! LONG overdue, this anticipated amp has finally started shipping! But is it better than its predecessor, the LISA III? In this comparison I will tackle that question. I will be comparing the two amps in multiple attributes. There will be no point score, no stars, no "golden...
  17. BattleBrat

    looking to recable cans FYI; JENA LABS is now selling JENA ULTRA WIRE Headphone cable harnesses.

    and the price is awesome! I have also posted this in the cables forum, but news this awesome must be seen by all eyes!!! TO PUT THIS IN PERSPECTIVE: SAME FRIGGEN CABLE! FRACTION OF THE...
  18. BattleBrat

    Has salvation arrived? JENA is offering JENA ULTRA WIRE Headphone cable harnesses and the price is very reasonable!

    finally a reasonable price replacement cable! I'm gonna start recabling all my cans at this price! I have a Markl Adrenaline which is all Jena ultra wire and I can tell you it is a very flexible cable, very easy to work with (IME) 
  19. BattleBrat

    Hmmm Triad Audio's Website is abuzz, looks like the L3 is coming soon!

    Glad I bought a LISA III, preordered my L3 already for $500  triadaudio dot net
  20. BattleBrat

    whats the consensus on Addiems?/ Does anyone in the CONUS have a pair of brand new genuine Apple buds?

    What is the consensus on the ADDIEM's? Good/bad? durable/flimsy? worth it? I had a pair of the older Apple IEM's and they were actually good. just wondering what the new ones are like...       as for the apple buds, I need a pair for comparison they need to be sealed (they need the...
  21. BattleBrat

    Have any of you guys tried the new Slacker Premium yet?

    OH MY G-D is it AWESOME! I think I'm gonna pick up a new Ipod touch, Just so I don't kill my droids battery, I'm addicted! It used to be everyone had the same features cept Slacker had Caching (and IMO better music) but now they have EVERYTHING, you can create custom playlists and put them on...