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    Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

    Also thanks for the tip regarding ToneBooster IsoOne.
  2. solserenade

    Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

    I have quit Fidelia et al and gone with Bit Perfect plus iTunes. Love it. Everything works. Add the iOS remote - Bliss. All the features (playlists in other words if you're listening Fidelia) and I think it sounds great! I do appreciate the advice of people describing how Bit Perfect works...
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    New Audeze LCD3

    Kinda like the belief that the Audeze either sing .. or they don't ! haha   ridiculous.
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    New Audeze LCD3

    Quote:     You guys, no one specifically, are being asses.   I have the LCD2 - maybe they're not even comparable to the LCD3, who knows -  but I can plug them *straight* into a iPod Touch, hell, an original iPod (1st gen click wheel) - and they sound absolutely beautiful.
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    The Accudio app by golden ears, a headphone revolution.

    Quote:   Does that not mean that you've found that "your setting" is FLAT? If so, isn't running your music through this App doing nothing ultimately?   (or is it still emulating an LCD2 with flat EQ, through your Beats?) ??
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    FiiO E17 "ALPEN" - First Impression + Final Thought

    Quote:   Good review. I wish more amps would include a feature or two aside from a volume knob.   For instance ... E17 has 3 gain settings, full bass and treble control, balance, sleep timer, DAC, Optical IN, it's portable (or not), etc. ....    :-)
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    Schiit Owners Unite

    Quote:     A breed of house-cat probably.
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    Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

    It is the metal changing shape and what-not, tiny welds included, as it heats up. Same with my Sophia rectifier. I am guessing that the "clicks" are metallic sounding. (and also not audible just in your headphone)
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    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Hey cool did you listen to any music? If you did what was it? Thanks.
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    Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

    I think that is all good advice. Keep in mind most every player, half-dozen maybe even a dozen of them, will have a free version to use for a while so you will have plenty of time to do some evaluating and choosing. I use Fidelia, iTunes (looking into Bitperfect), and recently decided to give...
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    Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

    That looks great! I have one, would love to look at some real wood - but frankly it's in great shape and it seems to work with the "veneer" ha ha
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    The Audeze LCD-2 Ortho thread (New)

    Hi, I have seen the descriptions "congested" and "complex music" used here on Head-Fi. what do they mean - what is it an example of music which would bring out those characteristics? Thank you!
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    Schiit Owners Unite

    For what it's worth the 1/8" output jack on all the MacBook Pros are also dual-use - both stereo analog and digital optical output. It seems to work. Cheers. As you probably know, the typical plug has the signal on the outside metal surface of the entire shaft and tip, while optical has a...
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    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    Richard Groove Holmes -- simply try any of his work; It cooks. "Super Soul" LP "Groove's Groove" live "Soul Message" "Living Soul" … to name a few.
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    Schiit Valhalla: Now with 100% More Rollability!

    Nice rig there, migasson! Is that a Grado phone on the stand? Which model - you like them with the Valhalla? Thanks. Cheers.
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    Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

    Quote:   A Macbook Pro. I'm familiar with adjusting Midi audio when using Fidelia. Would it just be the same with BitPerfect-- set it to 24 bit, etc. (the max. resolution file I'm going to play) ?   thanks for the help.
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    Schiit Owners Unite

    Quote:   That's better than any of the responses I was trying to come up with!  
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    New Audeze LCD3

    Quote:     It occurs to me that spontaneous big-smiling, which happens from time to time with Audeze -- is not quite a "flash back" -- but certainly relevant to leaping leopards and what-not. 
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    Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

    Nice rig there. Any chance you could post a photo of the adapter alone? (Splitter) … Or a link to the one you're using. Thanks very much!
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    What is meant by 24/96?

    ...  and if you get into Hi-Def music (downloads of music which is recorded in "higher quality" than CD) - Like - Most all the music there will be 24/96 or higher (like 24/192).   I thought that might help fill out the definition a little bit.    The 24/192 will...
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    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

    What do you think about EQ the other way around-in other words decreasing by two dB … Does it degrade the signal in the same way?
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    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

    Quote:   I have been pleasantly surprised many times when plugging my LCD2 straight into an iPhone 4s, or iPod 2g, iPod 1g, and various Macs (with or without a Fiio E17 amp/dac) ........ and heard beautiful full sound -- not ideal of course -- but my feeling is they are extremely...