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  1. Sardonyx

    Seattle Summer Redhook Meet 7/25/2015

    Hello, I haven't been active on head-fi for quite awhile, just enough lurking to get upgraditis. I will be able to attend, with jds labs Element (stock RCA input) and Mrspeakers Alpha PRIME.
  2. Sardonyx

    Review : AUDINST HUD-MX1 DAC/amp - a promising newcomer (compared to Audio-gd FUN, AMB Gamma2)

    Quote: Gain is set by 2 sets of jumper pins, location is shown in the manual.   You can't miss them, there are no other pins nearby.  It is supposed to ship in low gain mode, with the jumper blocks off both sets.  I don't know what would happen if someone goofed and put one block on &...
  3. Sardonyx

    DAC First or AMP

      Quote: D3, D5 are DACs, they connect to a seperate amp - powered desktop speakers have an internal amp.  OP wants a battery amp for ipod, not USB only like Audinst MX-1.   Start with a high quality amp, that way you have high quality music with your ipod.  Get the cmoyBB and try...
  4. Sardonyx

    "Nokia N8" and "feeding a (portable) DAC with USB on-the-go"

    Quote: How about an adapter with a 90 at the phone.  I found this link on another forum for 1 right angle adapter and 1 left angle adapter.  I just placed my order.   There really aren't enough...
  5. Sardonyx

    Any comparisons of 9Wave earbuds: Studio Pro (metal) vs Studio (plastic) ?

    Has anyone heard both versions? They have each been reviewed separately, but if there is a side-by-side I've missed it.   Studio Pro Type Open-air Dynamic Driver Unit 13.5 mm bore Frequency Response Range 20Hz 20kHz Output Sound Pressure Level (Sensitivity) 110dB ±3dB...
  6. Sardonyx

    PC --> Optical to Digital Coaxial converter --> Digital Coax --> Amp? Better than optical to amp?

    Quote: That monoprice box does externally the same thing the NFB-5 does internally.  There is a Photocell, and a handful of other components, to convert light pulses into electricial pulses that go to the DAC.  It could only improve the sound if the NFB-5 optical receiver was horribly...
  7. Sardonyx

    Looking for cheap IEM with J-split cable

    These will be used with 2-way radio, so music quality is unimportant.  Actually, rolled off bass & treble would act as noise filters, so might be better for voice.  My other requirements are small size, excellent isolation, and can use common replacement tips. Even though low price is first...
  8. Sardonyx

    Question regarding apple lossless

    Quote:   Jaywalk3r missed the key part of the question.  Once in mp3 lossy compression, quality can NEVER be improved.  Conversion to a lossless format just makes the file bigger, not better.  Conversion to a different bitrate or lossy format makes the sound quality worse.  (That's in...
  9. Sardonyx

    Review : AUDINST HUD-MX1 DAC/amp - a promising newcomer (compared to Audio-gd FUN, AMB Gamma2)

    I wanted to measure the current to see if a 1 amp supply has enough headroom, since it might become unstable when pushed close to the max.  Since I needed to cut the wires to attach my DMM, I sacrificed a Linksys router 12V, 1.5A supply. The HUD-MX1 is labeled 12V-15V, and this question is from...
  10. Sardonyx

    "Nokia N8" and "feeding a (portable) DAC with USB on-the-go"

    N8 + Ibasso D-Zero:  Not recognized, the phone can't tell there is anything on the end of the cable.   N8 + Audinst HUD-MX1 or Nuforce uDac:  error message "Partially supported USB device some features may be unavailable"  Music continues to play through the phone speaker, I wonder if the...
  11. Sardonyx

    Why are headphone amplifiers so expensive?

    Quote: That 1:5 ratio is what covers all the other business expenses, not to mention profit.  More than a few head-fiers whine (not just in this thread) about mark-up over parts, as if that's the only cost.  Let's say I occasionally wanted to make an amp for some extra beer money, maybe...
  12. Sardonyx

    Best Amp/DAC under or around $100 for FostexT50 RP (modded) and Denon D2000

    I have an E10 with T50RP and D2000.  The E10 has plenty of power for the T50, I'm now listening to Rachael Yamagata with it on low gain, volume almost 3 (of 8).  (The Fostex are reportedly much easier to drive than the LCD-2 or Hifiman orthos.)  It is very good with either headphone, and can't...
  13. Sardonyx

    Inline mic to dedicated headphone/mic adapter?

    Try this:
  14. Sardonyx

    Just listened to some Fostex T50RPs today... WOW!

    Here is a picture of my suspension mod that I mentioned back in post 2607.    Some people have posted along the lines of "Why bother, the stock band is OK for me?"  Well, you only THINK  it's comfortable, the way people who have only heard entry level cans THINK they have good SQ.      ...
  15. Sardonyx

    Problem with Nuforce uDac & WASAPI [SOLVED]

    I disabled the equalizer and it started working.  I guess it was just one of those weird, intermittent glitches.
  16. Sardonyx

    Just listened to some Fostex T50RPs today... WOW!

    I started looking over my T40 to decide the best way to Dremel out the vent, and hmmm.. why is this flexible?  Because it's closed by... guess what... A SMALL PIECE OF THIN PLASTIC GLUED OVER THE VENT AREA!    My photography needs work, but relevant pictures have already been posted. It...
  17. Sardonyx

    HDCD list

    Hello, I found a couple of lists: The page starts with general info about the HDCD format, scroll down to the links of releases.  (Rock & Pop artists are listed under "All Genres")  A forum...
  18. Sardonyx

    Owners of DAPs w/ sdhc expansion slots

    Quote:Originally Posted by slidesear  The FAT32 file system only supports formatting a 32GB volume. It would depend on the player if is able to see exFAT, NTFS, or any other file system the supports partition bigger than 32GB.    Wrong.  That's a limitation of the formatting tool built...
  19. Sardonyx

    6" USB A to B Cable ???

    Here is a 7.5 inch.   I use their 12 inch cable with my uDac, it's a well built product.  The Ziotek website has retailer links, check if any of them will ship outside USA.
  20. Sardonyx

    "Nokia N8" and "feeding a (portable) DAC with USB on-the-go"

      Quote: N8 > HDMI > receiver > speakers should work.  I wouldn't set up my home theater with smartphone-as-source, but it might be a good way to share tunes when visiting friends.  I suppose, if you didn't like the receiver's headphone stage, and it had S/PDIF out, then N8 > HDMI >...
  21. Sardonyx

    Need a cable! I just got the Etymotic HF2 and I wan't to use the microphone on my PC.
  22. Sardonyx

    What would you name your band?

      Quote: Would that would be Tom Crüze?
  23. Sardonyx

    portable USB powered DAC/AMP vs demanding cans -- Volts or Amps?

    This might be a silly question, but here goes: There is a common theme that bus powered amps lack power for high impedance headphones, battery is usually better, even though not as good as an AC powered desktop amp.  So I am wondering if the limitation is USB's voltage or current?  What if you...
  24. Sardonyx

    A Netbook for my new uDAC2 and Grado Headphones, Maybe?

    From the OP: Quote: Not sure what you mean by VBR 128-320, that is not a real setting.  Could you post the actual command line options used to encode the track? If you don't know,  try converting your WAV rip using LAME 3.98.3 and -V 0 to see if you still hear compression artifacts.  ...
  25. Sardonyx

    Efficient lossy formats (again): Ogg vs AAC

    You'll have to do your own listening test.  Only you can decide what difference is audible, and what difference you can tolerate.  The test in your link, and just about all published results, are LOSSLESS > lossy; not lossy > lossy It only takes minutes to convert a few songs, listen, &...