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  1. wiinippongamer

    PRESS RELEASE: Audio Specialist Sennheiser & HDtracks take music lovers on a sonic adventure

    Depending on whether they are 16/44 upsampled tracks or not I might just buy me an HD700 for this amazing deal. Thanks Jude!
  2. wiinippongamer

    If young people have the best hearing, and men lose theirs faster than women, why are audiophiles mostly old blokes?

    Keep telling yourself that as you curl up into a ball on a corner.
  3. wiinippongamer

    Hi-res cymbal sample

    Any "problems that don't exist with 16/44" will be a direct result of resampling, dithering and/or DAC filtering at different sampling rates. No need to beat the dead horse.
  4. wiinippongamer

    If young people have the best hearing, and men lose theirs faster than women, why are audiophiles mostly old blokes?

    About men losing their hearing first, it's all circumstancial BS evidence.   On the other thing, women have no hobbies.
  5. wiinippongamer

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    I find my money better spent on things that actually do something.
  6. wiinippongamer

    Is it true that modded T50RP's (specifically LFF's Paradox mod) is comparable to high end headphones such as the LCD2?

    They all should sound the same, the difference between versions is only cosmetic for the most part, unless you explicitly ask to tune the sound in a particular way. 
  7. wiinippongamer


    So, did anyone end up getting Flanagan's neurophone??
  8. wiinippongamer

    REVIEW: The Frogbeats explosively good custom in ear monitor....SERIOUSLY!

    David, do you plan to use/accept digital 3D impressions of the ears aside traditional silicon molds?
  9. wiinippongamer

    ignore function kind of broken

    I approve of this.
  10. wiinippongamer

    A Student's Attempt at the Plasmasonic Headphones.

    Very interesting thread. Any updates on these?
  11. wiinippongamer

    Plasma Headphone?

    I'd like to keep this discussion alive, anyone else can chime in?
  12. wiinippongamer

    KOSS ESP-950 Thread

    But does the SRM252S sound better with the koss in your experience?
  13. wiinippongamer

    My DIY electrostatic headphones

    @Dude-500 are you using your own compensation curve for measuring them?
  14. wiinippongamer

    Reply to review by 'wiinippongamer' on item 'JDS Labs ODAC'

    That perceived "harshness" with the other DACs despite them sounding warmer is simply distortion.
  15. wiinippongamer

    Check Out The Head-Fi Summer 2012 Buying Guide!

    Nice advertisement    Skullcandy, Bose under recommended headphones, seriously?
  16. wiinippongamer

    Looking for open headphones to complement current Ultrasone pair, ~$250 price range

    Instead of a Fiio E9 I highly recommend you get a JDSlabs O2, designed by former head-fi member VoldemortGuy. It'll drive pretty much any headphone out there with a stereo plug and smokes the E9. Suggest you read up about it. 
  17. wiinippongamer

    Emotiva Pro airmotiv4 Loudspeakers Review

    Quote: And how's the quality of the airmotiv's tweeter compared to the Jamo 803?  
  18. wiinippongamer

    Emotiva Pro airmotiv4 Loudspeakers Review

    I can go all day on both headphones and speakers
  19. wiinippongamer

    Emotiva Pro airmotiv4 Loudspeakers Review

    Anyone who has heard this and HD600 OR K701 could give me a comparison in sound qualities between them? I am currently torn between those two headphones with a matching amplifier OR if a good set of speakers for around the same price ( I have $600 to spend) can match or exceed the 'phones, I'd...