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  1. shanebryant

    Best for me?

    Hey all, I'm an average user whom listens to a mid-range home stereo and an ipod, who is looking for a set of cans around $100 that will not mash my big head and crush my ears. I like to listen for long lengths of time and a lot of headsets really hurt my ears after a while. I've been using...
  2. shanebryant

    Sony EGGOs reports

    Hey all, can anybody give me some lodown on these 'phones? The Sony MDR-D66SLB eggo-pro headphones and the Sony MDR-D22SLS Imported EGGO Headphones? Thanks!
  3. shanebryant

    Super-comfy open phones for BIG head

    Man, I'm sorry about another thread like this but..... I've got a big noggin and I've had those fancy-schmancy (trendy) Sony DJ700 for a bit now and they hurt my ears SO MUCH. Like a vice. I'm thinking about what to replace them with and I had previously settled on Sony V6's, but now I'm...
  4. shanebryant

    Best for me.

    I can afford to spend roughly $100 on some headphones but there is no place in my area where I can try any on. I've had those heavy Sony 700DJ or whatever and they crush my ears after an hour, I hate them. I need some suggestions for best 'phones in the $100 range, which sound the best and fit...