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    You betcha. The pads are between on and around ear. They are 80mm (posterior to anterior) x 85mm (top to bottom).
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    Best Studio Headphones

    My recommendation is ATH-M50x. It is not so expensive, but very good for monitoring. Bass is moderately strong. It is the newest cans among my headphone collection.   MDR-7520 is also my favorite. Its sound is not so flat, but you can hear very subtle detail.   My best favorite is K701...
  3. Diseree

    New Audio Technica ATH-M50x with Removable Cable

    from (amazon japan), approx. $190. Already it is sold out in amazon japan, but still available in other audio or music instruments shops.
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    Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

    I disliked HD700 because sibliance is very harsh. So I have thrown away HD700 into a junk box. Recently, I changed the cable to doublehelix's balanced Molecule OCC. Hmm, sound becomes very mild. Now HD700 is one of my favorites.
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    Luxman New DAC : DA-06

    Quote:   Some audio shops now display DA-06, but not of all (because DA-06 is very expensive). You can test demo unit at Fujiya-AVIC (Nakano, Tokyo, 20 minutes from Akihabara), Dynamic-Audio 5555 (Akihabara, Tokyo), Audio-Union (Ochanomizu, Tokyo, near Akihabara). The japanese domestic...
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    Luxman New DAC : DA-06

    Quote: Yes, both are mine. I had reserved DA-06 last December.   The sound of DA-06 and P-700u combination is amazing. Very very transparent and clear. But DA-06 have an issue around USB that is controversial among japanese audiophile. When the music start through USB, you can hear the...
  7. Luxman DA-06

    Luxman DA-06

    DA-06 is the high end DAC with USB input. DSD 2.8/5.6MHz, both DoP and ASIO are supported. DAC chip is double PCM1792A. Fully balanced output.
  8. Diseree

    Looking for... DAC - HP Amp w/ Coax S/PDIF out.

    FOSTEX HP-A8C (fully path-thru except DoP, with discrete HPA) FOSTEX HP-A7 (fully path-thru, USB is up to 96KHz/24bit, not for export, japanese domestic model) Cambrige Audio DacMagic Plus (as you know) Nmode X-DP1/X-DP1-HF (path-thuru from Coax and optical, except feed from USB, with...
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    DAC Popularity Check (2013 Edition)

    USB converters: Anedio U2 (1) Audio GD DI-V3+DIPSU (1) Audiophileo (2) Fiio E10 (1) Halide Bridge (3) KingRex UC384 32/384 Async USB Converter with AES/EBU (1) Music Fidelity VLink 192 (3) Stello U3 (5) USBridge 192 (1) Yulong U18 Asynchronous 24bit 192khz USB Digital...
  10. Blossom BLO-3090

    Blossom BLO-3090

    Fully balanced monitor headphone amplifier with electronic volume control. It has both 4pin XLR and 2x 3pin XLRs.
  11. Luxman P-700u

    Luxman P-700u

    P-700u is a fully balanced pure class A high-end headphone amplifier. It has LECUA, luxman original electronic volume system and ODNF-3.0A, original NFB system.
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    Any HD800 owners go back to AKG K701/2?

    I have both K701 and HD800. I also have T1, D7000 and HD650. All of them are my favorite. My main cans is K701, with approx. 50% of headphone listening time.   K701 : 50%, connected to ORB JADE-2 Limited HD650 : 25%, connected to Nmode X-HA1 with SAEC balanced cable T1 : 15%, connected...
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    Sony MDR MA 900 (new release from Sony)

    Quote: I do not have the HE-400, but I have both HD650 and MA900. The HD650 has more sound information and is more powerful compared to MA900. The HD650 is suitable for music listening, while the MA900 is aimed to gaming and movie watching. Side pressure of HD650 is relatively strong...
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    Sony MDR MA 900 (new release from Sony)

    Quote:   I tested the MA500 at nearly electronic shop. Now I have the MA900. The MA500 has more bass and less treble than the MA900.  The MA900 is obviously clearer than the MA500. I will not recommend the MA500. If you do not have so much money, you should buy the MA300.
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    Final Thoughts: Sony MDR-XB1000 vs. Ultrasone Pro 900. Who is the Bass KING? ** Pictures **

    I feel resonance sound like a cave at mid-high of XB1000. It seemed to be caused by its tubular ear pads.
  16. Diseree

    Beyerdynamic A1 Clone YS-A1

    I once had a similar A1 clone, Fang Audio FA-1. It came with 230V setup, so I must modify toroidal transformer (Noratel, 15V+15V 1A+1A). Of course, FA1 is not a YS-A1. But I imagine the sound is similar. It seems that the main circuit board of YS-A1 is almost identical to FA-1. YS-A1's...
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    The "Lovely Cube" Headphone Amp (Lehmann Black Cube Linear Clone)

    Building quality of Lovery Cube is great, but I can hear slight hum noise anyway when I use low-Z and high sensitivity headphones. It may be designed for middle-Z or hi-Z headphones.
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    Just announced: Luxman P-700u balanced headphone amp

    Very neutral and transparent sound without any excitement and stimulation. I feel especially DENON AH-D7000 works fine with this amplifier. LECUA electronic volume system is quite smooth. Someone says 'a stiff formal sound', I think so, too. Everything is within the limit of assumption. 'The...
  19. Diseree

    Just announced: Luxman P-700u balanced headphone amp

    Today, I've set P-700u to my bedroom. I can't tell any difference of sound between P-700u and other cheap amplifiers, lol. But I am really astonished by the super fat power cable comes with P-700u.
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    Schiit Owners Unite

    I have Valhalla. Its sound is very high speed and wide ranged. I use Valhalla with HD650, and it works very fine. I was impressed by very nice looking and durability.
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    Denon AH-D7000

    Urushi (not 'Urashi') coating with metal leaf is one of the traditional japanese handcraft. It is expensive, but not affect to sound quality. Unless you want to buy a folkcraft art, this elaborate finish does not have any value.
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    Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

    Awesome review and equipment.... jaw dropping
  23. Diseree

    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    Any difference between BCL and M-Stage? It seems that amplifier section is very similar.
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    Your first pair of real cans??

    First: Pioneer Monitor10 Second: SONY DR-Z7   Both had already broken, went to trash box.
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    If you had a $10,000 dollar budget.

    Crane Song HEDD192 ($3200) SPL Tube Vitalizer ($2400)   I prefer studio effects to enhance music. Vertigo VSM-2 Full Version ($10000) Weiss EQ1 LP ($10000) mmmm, too expensive.