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  1. Pepsi

    Today's music industry is...

    Heavily corrupt often glorifying money, materialism, sexism, mocking the sanctity of sex itself, drugs, alcohol and so much more. I feel the need to vent about this, because as a music lover, our youth will continuously be tainted by these puppets of the evil music industry. I am just interested...
  2. Pepsi

    Quick question regarding humming issue.

    So i am starting to notice when i am listening to my music through my macbook set up, my external hard drive is causing some slight humming through my headphones, when i do turn on the music, it covers it up quite well. all i'm wondering is can this type of interference damage any of my...
  3. Pepsi

    What is the meaning of life?

    Just out of plain curiosity, what does it mean to you? 
  4. Pepsi

    What would you do?

    Say you managed to save about $45,000 to put towards your dream car that you've always wanted since junior high. Now would you stick with that? Or would you go for your dream Vinyl Rig to complement your HD800's? Yes, this is my situation. Honestly speaking, what would you do? This has been...
  5. Pepsi

    Is it just my big head or is there a problem?

    Just out of curiosity, is anyone having discomfort problems with the HD650? My 800's are superb when it comes to comfort, but the 650's always end up leaving the sides on my head really sore.
  6. Pepsi

    I am Vietnamese.

    I was born in rural Chu Lai, Vietnam. It's a small village in the country's central region about 2 hours south of Da Nang. My parents immigrated to a small town in northern Minnesota when i was only 2 years old. 3 years later we moved to Des Moines, IA. Where i grew up as a child. As you...
  7. Pepsi

    Upcoming: Hockey Playoffs

    Anyone have a team they're rooting for? I have My Blackhawks vs Capitals in the Stanley Cup.
  8. Pepsi

    T.I is Back. Anyone else excited?

    T.I.'s Official Website I for one have been anticipating his return. Yes, some of his music are modern rap beats, but he does release some very lyrically inclining songs such as "live in the sky," "dead and gone" and "my life, your entertainment." He may not be a resemblance of tupac or...
  9. Pepsi

    XLD ripper

    I've been using this program for quite some time now and i have to say it offers more reliability than other Mac based programs. I think i can say this is as close as it gets for EAC on windows. Check out the program for yourselves and see.
  10. Pepsi

    How do you interpret your music?

    How you interpret your music? What i mean by that is everyone has their own different way of listening to music. For example with every song that plays i listen to the lyrics, and find out what kind of message the artist is trying to get across, if i can relate to it, the song automatically...
  11. Pepsi

    Insomnia anyone?

    Anyone here night owls? What do you do/use to help to you go to sleep? Some may enjoy the night time, i for once would like to be awake during the daytime.
  12. Pepsi

    Great Piano Tune

    I just love this guy and tune. Thought i'd share it with the rest of you guys. Yiruma - Kiss the Rain + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.
  13. Pepsi

    Anyone looking forward to Diablo 3?

    Any blizzard gamers here? I still duel on Diablo 2 with my barb awaiting this ridiculous game to come out.