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    Sony MDR-10R Impressions Thread

    No, considering 10Rs can be had for cheap on eBay and/or Amazon.     $90 is about the maximum I'd pay for these, and that'd be stretching it.
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    Sony MDR F1 owners unite!

    I can count myself as an owner of these bad boys after 10 year or so of putting it off, and finally fulfilling that promise to myself that I made all those years ago.  A brand spanking new pair as well.     Sounds pretty darn fantastic out of a modest amp (Presonus HP4-it was free, and never...
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    [Poor Man Reviews] Sony MDR-ZX770BN

    Quick question: are they on ear like its predecessors (MDR-ZX750BN) or over-ears?
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    New Sony portable headphone - the MDR-ZX750!

    Actually, your thoughts are more or less on the matter.  Now that I've had the chance to listen to them more in the last couple of months or so, I say that with the standard BT mode, it is more or less on the dot.  It bleeds in, but still retains that trademark Sony flavor throughout.  I'm...
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    Review by 'Damage' on item 'Sony MDR-ZX750BN Wireless Bluetooth Headset - Black'

    In the past, Sony's released ANC headphones, and Bluetooth headphones of a line of headphones (MDR-1R/10R).  However, this is the first Sony headphones that combines both ANC and Bluetooth in a single package for less than $200 in a single headphone.  And, to be frank, I don't know any...
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    New Sony portable headphone - the MDR-ZX750!

    It's not the spacing from the driver to the ear.  It really doesn't change that much from the stock pads to the ZX500 pads.  However, the material traps less sound so there is less reflected bass into the ears.  That cuts a bit of the bass.  It's still bass emphasized, but the rest of it can be...
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    UE Triple-Fi 10- Still worth buying?

    IF Amazon/UE decide to their blowouts at $99 ever again, it's a no brainer yes.  At current price of $300, certainly, you can get better alternatives.  Sony XBA-30 is a very solid alternative at $150-175 range (XBA-3IP/30IP is consistently cheaper vs non IP version).  You lose the detachable...
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    New Sony portable headphone - the MDR-ZX750!

    Fairly balanced compared to MDR-10R. With loose boomy bass. It is certainly more balanced than 10R in terms of reproduction. The extra bass could be attributed to very close placement of the drivers vs others. Read my impressions fully not just bits and pieces. More akin to MDR-ZX500 than 700...
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    New Sony portable headphone - the MDR-ZX750!

    Considering that the BN model has Bluetooth, NFC, and ANC, some compromises had to be made.  At $150-$200, you can't find any other headphones that do any of these things rather competently, let alone do it quite well.   I consider these the Jack of All Trades, Master of None for Sony.  For...
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    Review by 'Damage' on item 'Sony MDR-1R'

    If I can describe these in one sentence, it would be this: "They are the very portable edition of MDR-ZX700 with replaceable input cables."   There in lies the rub. They sound nigh incredibly close to the MDR-ZX700 in all regards.  The overall balanced approach that worked for MDR-ZX700, with...
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    Review by 'Damage' on item 'Sony X Headphones MDR-X10'

    I'll come back and put a full review up, suffice to say these have a lot of bass, coming from the XBA line.  They are by far the neatest looking cans that Sony's released, but fragile indeed, as the cups scratch easily.  In fact, this would be the first set of headphones that I have scratched...
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    Reply to review by 'damage' on item 'Sony Over-Ear Headphones - MDR-10R'

    I don't have access to 1Rs, but from what I can remember listening to store demo, it was a lot more balanced in its approach vs. the 10R.  You will want to use some sort of EQ, treble booster if you're on Apple devices.  You will want to refer to the measurements and boost up mid range...
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    Review by 'Damage' on item 'Sony Over-Ear Headphones - MDR-10R'

    Oh wow, I actually have a set of headphones that I can review that was released quite recently.  And by those, they are the MDR-10R family.  Released in Sept. 2013 at MSRP of $200/$250/$300 ish for normal, Bluetooth, and Noise Cancelling Editions, they have gone down to more affordable and...
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    Sony MDR-10R Impressions Thread

    Time to add my $0.02, since they came in for me today.  Right on time as a nice birthday gift for me.  Though....  Well...   Ergonomics: Oh boy, are these ever comfortable.  Very light, very soft, very comfy.  You could wear these all day long as so long as it isn't so hot outside.  These are...
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    Denon AH-D210

    Oh, I remember those.  Those were my first "fancy" headphones, ever, some 15+ years ago.   The only thing I really remember about these was that they were nothing special.  I'd love to hear them these days to see if my judgment on these were correct or not, but comparing the current sets...
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    Apple EarPods Thread

    Certainly FOTM material.   But you know what?  They actually ain't too bad at all.     Though, I will be honest, as is, the midbass hump is just too severe for extended listening.  The sound signature along with its form factor makes it tiring to listen to for extended period of time...
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    Grado ear pain

    Have you tried the G-Cush replacement foams?   These will make your Grados circumaural, and will lift the drivers far away from your ears.  They will, however, lessen the bass response as the drivers are now further away...
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    The Sony ZX700, V55, PQ2G, MA300(short impression)........

    At this point, I'm considering returning these and trying the MA100.  Sony historically has a habit of misfiring on their headphones in the mid-range area.  The recent ZX and the EX are, however, seemingly the exception.   If by ZX700 and EX600 being mid-range (it's perfectly midrange here...
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    The Sony ZX700, V55, PQ2G, MA300(short impression)........

    The MDR-MA300 changes somewhat after about 10+ hours of burn-in.  However, the source/synergy also matters greatly.  It seems like the engineers at Sony tuned these guys to play with more neutral sounding sources vs. the "brighter" Sony house sound.     My initial reaction is at the end of...
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    Sony MDR MA300

    Just got these from the local Sony Store (not their flagship store at Culver City, go figure that one out).  Not a review, just impressions at this point.     These are about an hour or two into its burn in phase.  Keep in mind that, however, that I'm not a big burn-in proponent/believer.  ...
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    AKG K44 ($19 at GuitarCenter) Very nice budget phones

    Happened to see this on a random visit to a Guitar Center.  For $20, you can do a lot worse.     It's all plastic, not a piece of metal to be found.  The box says Supraural but it is circumaural, though on the small side.  It's comfortable, but if you have a really big head or ears, this set...
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    Klipsch x10 or UE Triple fi.10?

    Try using the Shure Olive foamies?  Makes the bass nice, wet, and sloppy.  As for the rest of the sound?  Still evaluating these.   Quote:    
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    Which sony discman is the best audio quality?

    I wouldn't go that far and say that HD Digital AMP has really impressive timbers... Colored and flavored, definiately. But the D-NE20 being a real champ vs. other older Sony CD Players? Definiately. The problem with the D-NE20 is a technical one, however, as it tends to puke when playing back...
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    Any potential for a portable DVD MP3 player?

    All of the units mentioned thus far can do MP3s on DVDs. For the Sony unit, go to: and enter the model number (MPD-AP20U) in the search box to find manuals and firmware upgrades mentioned.