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  1. Damage

    Review by 'Damage' on item 'Sony MDR-ZX750BN Wireless Bluetooth Headset - Black'

    In the past, Sony's released ANC headphones, and Bluetooth headphones of a line of headphones (MDR-1R/10R).  However, this is the first Sony headphones that combines both ANC and Bluetooth in a single package for less than $200 in a single headphone.  And, to be frank, I don't know any...
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    Review by 'Damage' on item 'Sony MDR-1R'

    If I can describe these in one sentence, it would be this: "They are the very portable edition of MDR-ZX700 with replaceable input cables."   There in lies the rub. They sound nigh incredibly close to the MDR-ZX700 in all regards.  The overall balanced approach that worked for MDR-ZX700, with...
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    Review by 'Damage' on item 'Sony X Headphones MDR-X10'

    I'll come back and put a full review up, suffice to say these have a lot of bass, coming from the XBA line.  They are by far the neatest looking cans that Sony's released, but fragile indeed, as the cups scratch easily.  In fact, this would be the first set of headphones that I have scratched...
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    Reply to review by 'damage' on item 'Sony Over-Ear Headphones - MDR-10R'

    I don't have access to 1Rs, but from what I can remember listening to store demo, it was a lot more balanced in its approach vs. the 10R.  You will want to use some sort of EQ, treble booster if you're on Apple devices.  You will want to refer to the measurements and boost up mid range...
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    Review by 'Damage' on item 'Sony Over-Ear Headphones - MDR-10R'

    Oh wow, I actually have a set of headphones that I can review that was released quite recently.  And by those, they are the MDR-10R family.  Released in Sept. 2013 at MSRP of $200/$250/$300 ish for normal, Bluetooth, and Noise Cancelling Editions, they have gone down to more affordable and...