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  1. Seidhepriest

    Please Recommend an AD8397 Pocket Amp Schematic

    Hello, what's a good, cheap amp design that uses the AD8397 as its core op-amp?
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    Equal Loudness EQ Calibration Tones for Foobar2000 & Winamp

    This is something concocted for tuning speakers and headphones for accurate playback. This is similar to the New South Wales' University page. But set up to match Foobar2000 & Winamp (+SuperEQ from Naoki Shibata) EQ bands.   Ideally this post would be stickied.   There're two versions...
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    Seriously modded (re-cabled) ATH-M50 and cable discussion (split from leaving portable hi-fi thread)

    SIGH. See this?       These are very seriously modded ATH-M50. With a simple fruity Touch player, G4 or G1, they challenge my monitor speaker setup on balanced wiring. Of course a fruity player is still a fruity player, running at lame 44/16. Of course it's still a lot duller than any...
  4. Seidhepriest

    Denon AH-D210

    ...have just made their way off the flea market for the equivalent of US $15.   Initial impressions: easily the most balanced Denon headphones for electric guitar/rock/metal/etc. Resolution is lower than AH-P372, but the AH-P372 have those awful peaks in midrange that invoke a lot of crackle...
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    Super Panasonic RP-HTX7

    After so much talk about the RP-HTX7 it dawned one day that they might be pretty good outdoor headphones. When modified.   So well... The modified set is sitting on the desk next to the MIDI keyboard right now, and it's already played for a few days on the street.   Stock RP-HTX7 are...
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    Hisoundaudio Live Earbuds Review

    Hisoundaudio Live Earbuds Type: dynamic, open. Driver size: 16 mm. Nominal impedance: 32 ohm. Sensitivity: 105 dB/1 mW [?]. Maximum sound pressure level, at 1 KHz sine tone, 1 VRMS: 125 dB. Frequency response: 16-22 KHz. Plug size/type: 3.5 mm. stereo miniplug (compatible with...
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    Efficient, Cheap And Moddable Headphones?

    Which would these be? The lower the price, the better. Efficiency has to be at least 110 dB/1 mW. The louder, the better. Supra-aural/foldable and comfortable is a plus. Most important: cups have to be disassembleable. Screwed together, not hot-sealed plastic or glued (this is for a recable).
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    Hisoundaudio Rocoo Review

    There's a bit of a trouble with portable players. Most are built to preserve battery power, so they don't cover the whole frequency range correctly. There always are sagging harmonics. Most portable players can't make headphones play as full or accurate as, say, a notebook PC. Portable headphone...
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    Denоn DJ DN-HP500 Review

    DN-HP500 are Denon's new "junior" DJ headphones. "Junior" because of the price and size - DN-HP500 are cheapest and smallest in the Denon DJ line. The only supra-aural headphones in the DN-HP lineup, DN-HP500 are the affordable Denon DJ headphones. There's nothing "junior" about the sound...
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    AKG K-121 Studio

    Look like a nerfed version of K-141 with a fixed cable. K 121 Studio - Specifications Curious.
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    Denon DJ DN-HP500

    First impressions... They smoke the AKG K-81DJ/K-518DJ in every way: comfort, clarity, soundstage depth, speed, efficiency, and dynamics. Build isn't as cheap as K-81. They're slightly larger than AH-P372, are supra-aural, and comfortable. Repeat: comfortable. They're more comfortable than...
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    Denon AH-P372W Recabled

    Silver-plated AWG 30 twisted pair recable (4 wires/channel), two cotton layers (backwave damping+external layer for extra isolation). There's going to be an extension (the cable is short, ~40 cm.), just like the original (stock AH-P372 have a 0.5 m. cable and a ~0.8 m. extension). So far...
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    Roland RH-50

    First, a few words about the K-81. The Head-Fi K-81 appreciation thread made them look as if they were the "headphones for anyone", with a few comments about how they remind scaled-down, less detailed K-240 Studio. Trouble is, the K-81 are very unlike the K-240 Studio. The K-81DJ are just...
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    AKG "Mk. II" New Stuff - Just Skin-Deep?

    So all of this - AKG Revamps Headphone Line - is pretty much the same stuff with new colours? Sure looks like it by the specs.
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    AKG Wiring Question

    Two questions actually... One is - what exactly is impedance in headphones? How is it created, how is it raised, how can it be dropped? A resistor can be added to increase impedance, but how about decreasing impedance? E. g. how exactly can a set of headphones with an impedance of 600 have...
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    Denon AH-D501

    So far the impression in one word... "Meh". They may need time to burn-in, but so far they sound quite shallow. None of the excitement and power of the AH-D1000. Efficiency is 103 dB (probably /1 mW), so they're somewhat quiet straight out of the soundcard at maximum loudness. Nominal...
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    Izotope Plugins/Portable PC Rig?

    There's this pair of plugins which have been used around here for mixing, Izotope Trash and Vinyl. Trash, among other features, can simulate amplifiers, classic lowpass/highpass filters and distortion produced by different media (tape, broken digital sources, etc.). Long story short, that...
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    AKG K-130 - What Is It?

    Someone's selling AKG K-130 on EBay. But, the AKG website has nothing on it, and searches come up with little. So well, does it even exist? If yes, what is it and how old is it and how is it?