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  1. Damage

    Review: Panasonic RP-HEJ50

    Because no one asked for it, here's my thoughts/reviews on the Panasonics RP-HEJ50s. If anyone is aware of my listen preferences, or have kept track of my posts here, the Orange Board (aka T-Board), and's Forum, then you're probably aware that I'm usually the first to come...
  2. Damage

    A Head-Fi Handicap Steel Cage Match: XD400 vs. CD580/V6

    These are bare basics of my impressions of putting the two side by side. I've been using until recently, the CD580s as my main home-lounging cans. They serve that purpose well, but compared to XD400s, I think the 580s are outclassed by the 400s. In certain areas, the 580s does a better job (most...
  3. Damage

    Interesting look: Ashlee Simpson's preferred IEMs

    A brief look at Ashlee Simpson's rider, and yes, she does make me want to scream (in a sort of "泣け 叫べ そして 死ね" way). Digging a bit (ie, googling) revealed that the IEM pieces are these Or as far as I can tell. You know what the obvious question is don't you? The Shure PSMs come with E3s or...
  4. Damage

    Team Ramen, meet King of Ramen (w/ 56k friendly thumbnails)

    Ctrl-v'd from my original post on the T-Board, enjoy: --- This is possibly the most expensive Cup Noodles you'll possibly come across, the King of Ramen, Ra-OH! IF you're sick of hovling around in your Maruchan Spicy Chicken Cream Instant Lunch, take a look at what $4.09 plus sales taxs...
  5. Damage

    Denon AH-D210: Pad and Cable Replacement?

    An oldie, but a personal favorite, I want to know if there are suitable replacement pads for these set of headphones. In short, the leather is all but gone on the ear pads and foam lining is shot as well. Couple of these replacing pads threads are peaking my interest in the matter. Or: I...