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  1. Yoga Flame

    When uploading pictures, special characters in the image title cause problems

    1. When composing a forum post, use the "Insert Image" button 2. Select a picture for uploading 3. In the Image Title box, type: 1/4" TRS plug 4. Submit the picture 5. Preview the post 6. Profit!  
  2. Yoga Flame

    Passive preamp grounding questions

    I'm planning to build a passive preamp-- simple thing with just an input selector and stepped attenuator. It will have no active components and no gain. Though I think I will try adding Tangent's Linkwitz crossfeed (also passive) with an additional DPDT switch to optionally  bypass it...
  3. Yoga Flame

    Upsampling on computer vs upsampling on DAC ?

    My computer has a built-in optical output capable of 24/96. And my DAC is likewise 24/96 capable, but will also upsample lesser bitrates internally. I have some hi-res music, but most of it is just 16/44.   If I understand correctly, the main benefit of upsampling on the DAC is reduced...
  4. Yoga Flame

    Need help with linear regulated PSU

    I am considering obtaining a linear regulated PSU for use with my Aune mini dac+amp. The Aune officially takes 12V-18V, but can go as high as 24V. Ideally, I would like it somewhere below 24V, to be on the safe side.   This is a used PSU I found for sale, and it has a fixed output of 24VDC...