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  1. chelrob

    Amp for infinity primus 150's

    Hi everybody. I have a pair of infinity primus 150's sitting on the floor collecting dust. I need recommendations for an inexpensive 2-channel integrated amp. I'm looking for real "bang for the buck" under $300.00 US. If possible I'd like a subwoofer out. My source for now will be the...
  2. chelrob

    Changed my source an now I'm lost

    I'm hoping you all can help me get back on track... I had a great synergy going with Rio Karma -> PA2V2 -> Grado SR225 I replaced the Karma with a new iriver H140 and now the synergy is gone The H140 is a great device and even better with Rockbox firmaware installed. I love the Grado...
  3. chelrob

    List 5 Must Hear Tracks for the Cans

    Nothing beats getting turned on to new music and going on a musical journey with my headphones. List 5 tracks that make for an exceptional listening experience via the cans. Format: Artist > Album > Year > Track Name Here’s my list to kick it off… The Outlaws > Outlaws (1995...
  4. chelrob

    Need speaker cable for 1212

    Can anyone link me to a source for this type of cable: Thanks!