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  1. Ken

    Little Dot Dual Mono ....How good is this Amp ????

    can anyone help me to answer this. they look good what else is good at the same price I currently listen with Croda Move thanks people
  2. Ken

    Need help in selecting Amp to 10 watts

    i would like members helps in suggestions for a amp capable of driving efficient speakers as well as headphones. up to 10 watts per channel +or- dont mind 12 volt options as well Dont care if SS or valve Not necessary to be the lastest and greatest budget to $2000 thanks
  3. Ken

    Does Anyone know how often Headroom has a Sale

    I know they had one last year. But do they do it every year. Also what discounts are on offer. Is it like say x% off every thing or just clearing for new model upgrades ect. how long do they last. and what is the headfi member discount with headroom , my memory thinks that there is...
  4. Ken

    I have purchased a US Model Pereaux Headphone Amp and need help with power conversion

    I need help to convert the power to my Australian 240 volts from the US 115 volts. Does anyone either have circuit diagram or knowledge of the conversion. I have taken the unit to a local hi fi repair man but he wants the circuit diagram before he can help. I expect that perreaux people are...
  5. Ken

    Looking for Opinions on DT-770 80Ohm Vs DT-770 250 Ohm

    I have a Pimetta The specs: AD 8620 op amp, L & R (socketed) AD 8610 op amp, ground channel (socketed) 6xBUF 634 buffers (socketed) 4xElna Cerafine 470uF 25v ps caps Vishay/Dale 1% metal film resistors (hand matched to .1%) Wima 4.7uF reservoir caps Kemet 10pF ceramic C6 cap JFET...
  6. Ken

    whats the difference with the new cable on ety's like ER4S

    I notice there is a new model of er4s is that just a different cable can someone tell me what that difference is what is the sound difference thanks
  7. Ken

    Where can I purchase Rio Karma 40GIG .....

    I have finally decided that the Rio Karma is for me and I thought this would be easy ....But No ... cant find the 40gig version. I have found plenty of the 20GIG version. Can anyone help me , where can i get the 40GIG version Thank you
  8. Ken

    Help to choose between ER4S & ER4P

    i had a pair of ER4S and loved them...Now I am getting ready to purchase again BUT can anyone tell me what the differences will be if I get the ER4P.... I know the story ER4P more suited to portable listening , which I mainly do. So my question is just how much detail will I loose if any. I...
  9. Ken

    In portable home made amps that we all know , does the crossfeed circuit detract from

    does using the cross feed cuircuit effect the sound in any way? do we loose a little sound quality getting the crossfeed? in the quest for the best sound are we better off without extra circuits at all ? Im not attempting to discuss crossfeed plus or minuses but just the sound quality...
  10. Ken

    Im looking for Album from 20 years ago Randy Edelman

    I dont even know the name of the album. Ive looked every where songs like concrete and clay and the uptown uptempo woman. Anyway you just never know some one may have something.
  11. Ken

    I am looking for a Internet Retailer selling Stax SRM 001 mk2 discounted

    In the last few days a thread indicated a retailer that had offered and new low price on stax srm 001. I just cant find that thread to find the retailer can you help
  12. Ken

    When did the Head-Fi forum start ????

    most of us are new , im interested to know when it all started
  13. Ken

    Which is better X-Box or Playstation2 ????

    Im ready to buy, they are both good units The x-box seems to have everything x 2 what are your thoughts??????
  14. Ken

    Im not sure what my amp is

    I thought I had a cha47 but my unit has crossfeed does that mean its a hansen.... a cmoy variant its in a large black plastic box. much bigger than the mint tin's
  15. Ken

    Headroom Supreme and Cosmic Comments Please

    The Cosmic Is probably the worlds best portable Amp. It enjoys a great reputation around here. BUT the Supreme seems to have people lukewarm on it. Why is this so. This amp has all the components of the cosmic and can be turned into a cosmic with an upgrade. I would like to hear from people...
  16. Ken

    Lost Money On Ebay

    in the last few weeks i bidded on a 9210 Nokia Mobile Phone. I was the highest bidder and sent the money. No mobile phone . I have lost $1200 $AUST I just thought that I would share my experience with fellow Head-Fi members as alot of us use ebay. Be more careful does any one...
  17. Ken

    Do Portable cd/mp3 Players need to run in to sound better

    I have just purchased a new mp3/cd player and I am hoping that it will loose a bit of the brightness and pick up a bit of the bottom end. Thanks
  18. Ken

    question about changing tone of cha47

    i have a cha47 amp. is there a way to change the sound , iwould like to reduce top end brightness a little
  19. Ken

    I just purchases Xcans V2 from Planar

    I know what you all think of the xcans. Well im already playing with cables. I do like the sound as I have never heard tubes before. I also have stax SRM-1/MK2 Of course the cans do not match the stunning top end of the stax but the cans are puchy and smooth. Can i hear some of you...
  20. Ken

    Best Amp for the Etymotics , Portable and Home Amp

    i would like to hear what you all think that suits the Etymotics.
  21. Ken

    Which SS Headphone Amps tend to sound tubey

    are there amps that are SS that have the tube like sound ?