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  1. Zuerst

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    How does the SE846 stack up in the higher end IEM/portable now... 5 years or so on the market with huge growth of the portable audio market? Still consider one of the best? Looks like the version with the older blue tooth cable can be had for around $750 new. Not sure if the newer blue tooth...
  2. Zuerst

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi there, started here over 15 years ago... not so much the last several years. Looking to get a higher end IEM/portable system and was about to post in the portable forum... but seems like I have to post here, then something have to happen... then I can post in the other forums again?
  3. Zuerst

    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

      First significant headphone related purchase in quite a while...
  4. Zuerst

    What is your age/occupation?

    26 yo orthopaedic resident
  5. Zuerst

    Pictures of your speaker setup!

    Quote: Where you get those chairs?  What are they?  
  6. Zuerst

    Name Your Best Audio Decisions For 2011

    Not spending anything on anything headphone related.
  7. Zuerst

    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

    Quote: Scratch that... piano arrived damaged from shipping... returned for refund and got this instead... doesn't look as nice, but it's cheaper, and has better action  
  8. Zuerst

    New medical residents... how was your first day/week?

    I think the vast majority of residents/interns are starting soon or already started recently... just curious how your first day/week went. :D
  9. Zuerst

    What language to learn?

    chinese, hindi, or your hated spanish
  10. Zuerst

    What are you getting your GF for V day?

    I suppose I'll blew her and give her a sloppy full body wipe down...                                               I mean what more does a blow up doll need?
  11. Zuerst

    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

    First new computer in almost 4 years!!!  
  12. Zuerst


    Still some trimming, cutting, and detail pieces to put/switch in... but should look about the same.  Will update when finished.  
  13. Zuerst

    Post interesting pics from your cellphone

      Quote:   I wasn't on the trauma service then, just helping out in the downtime between our cases so I don't know for sure... but I think they were able to piece the forearm and elbow back together ok.    So your wife took a pic of you in that pic?  I see how you gals roll.  
  14. Zuerst

    Anyone wants to get scammed?

    Here you go:
  15. Zuerst


    Quote: how long ago was this?  they didn't do conservative treatment with interval appendectomy 8-12 weeks later?
  16. Zuerst


    Quote: you mean laparoscopically?    or did they really pull it out of your arse?  or pie-hole?
  17. Zuerst

    Arguing goat...
  18. [No title]

    [No title]

  19. Zuerst

    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

      Quote: probably not since it's a different model
  20. Zuerst

    REVIEW (in progress) - Nuforce HDP 24/96 USB-Optical 24/192 Coax DAC Preamp and Headphone Amp

    Just got the HDP today. Using my shure se530... still waiting for edition 8 to arrive. For reference, volume off is at around the 7 o'clock position, turning clock wise to increase the volume with max volume at around 5 o'clock position. Initial observation. Channel volume are not even at...
  21. Zuerst

    how to get rid of ear discomfort from airplane rides

    Stick a needle in ur eardrum and squirt some lidocaine in ur ear i'm just kidding in case anyone actually believe that
  22. Zuerst

    Do you want the metric system in the USA?

    yes, penile measurements would be more impressive on first look too...
  23. Zuerst

    How fast can you type?

    9999999999 points, so you achieved position 1 of 307986 on the ranking list You type 999999 characters per minute You have 99999 correct words and you have 0 wrong words
  24. Zuerst

    Pure Beauty

    Stop posting pics of my wife and ex-wives... they're the one thing draining my wallet faster than this head-fi thing
  25. Zuerst

    Going 35....Turning point of one's life?

    Well... if you're a woman... your chance of having a messed up baby is significantly increased.